Enriching Celebrations With Contemporary Indian Wedding Themes

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Simply put, most Indian weddings can be expressed in two words: vibrant and opulent. Traditional forms of Indian weddings are a mixture of culture, norms and rituals which symbolize the very essence of our nation. Indeed, Indian weddings represent the true diversity of India.

Today, however, modern young couples choose to mix norms and traditions with off-beat, contemporary and unique wedding ideas. In fact, many even opt for simple ceremonies like the Aryan Samaj wedding ceremony, which is quite short, simple and focused.

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A Mix of old and New
The kind of wedding celebrations a couple chooses to have depends on the region and faith they belong to. Deep rooted family involvement is very common in Indian wedding  ceremonies compared to any other culture in the world. Hence, parents and other family elders have an equal say in choosing the theme of the wedding ceremony. Most elders attach a great deal of importance to traditions and rituals, but with careful wedding planning, couples can easily bring about a beautiful amalgamation of the old and the new.

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Pulsating colors
Irrespective of the type of wedding a couple opts for; all Indian weddings have one thing in common: Color. Indian weddings are extremely rich in color. Be it the ‘mandap’ or the tent where the vows or ‘pheras’ take place, or the blushing bride’s wedding dress (which is usually bright red to symbolize fertility), the wedding celebrations form a rich palette of colors. The venue, the bride and groom’s homes are lavishly decorated with bright flowers and wall accents. The guests, who form an integral part of the ceremony, are also dressed in bright colors typically reds, pinks, yellows, orange and gold etc. The decor of the wedding venue, including the drapes for tables, chairs and curtains etc also conform to these colors and take the venue’s ambience to a whole new level.

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Professional wedding planners
Today, the stress of planning a contemporary Indian wedding can be eased considerably by enlisting the help of professional wedding planning and management services. These professionals take care of all aspects related to the wedding, including hiring vendors, decorating the venue, sending out the invites, bringing in props and bridal ensemble all the way to the bride’s departure to her husband’s home. Couples can incorporate their own wedding themes and ideas with professional help and give a wonderful modern twist to the ceremony.

Food is an important part of the wedding. Guests are greeted with plates of delicious finger foods the moment they arrive at the venue. Food served can also match the central theme of the wedding. Most Indian weddings today have buffet meals which can include regional and national cuisines.

Bridal Attire
The bride and groom’s dresses have also undergone a sea of change. Today, brides can choose from exclusive lehengas, sheraras, Anarkali suits or saris all of which are available in embellished fabrics like silks, satins, chiffons etc. These may display brocade, zari-work, mirrors, or even come studded with real gold, silver and diamonds. Similarly, Indian male wedding attire has a great deal of choice including sherwanis, dhotis or even modern three piece suits. The bridal attire can be customized and made to match the wedding theme.

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Music and Dance
Music forms a vital element of Indian weddings. A rich collection of music inspired by classic or modern Bollywood films can help spice up the occasion.

With the sheer variety of choices available in contemporary Indian wedding themes, it is natural for a couple to feel overwhelmed when selecting a wedding theme. But, with the help of a wedding planner, the burden can be considerably reduced so one can enjoy this important life- event peacefully.

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