Exceeding Your Wedding Budget? 8 Things You Can Do!

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These days, it is not uncommon to see people going beyond their budget to make their wedding a dream one. Often, in the excitement of planning one’s wedding, people forget to do a daily budget check. When they come to the realization, it’s already too late to undo the expenses. Of course, you cannot go back to the wedding vendors just a few weeks before the big day, cancel your orders and ask for a full refund. This simply isn’t done. So, what else can you do when you see your wedding budget already exceeding beyond the figure you had decided?

Here are 7 smart steps which can help solve your problem and , even possibly save you from going bankrupt immediately after your wedding.

1. Change the Flowers

You cannot cancel your order, but you have all the freedom to change your preferences. If your wedding budget is shooting up, just alter the flower preferences and choose marigolds over the fancy imported orchids. Not only will that be a budget saver; it will  also add an ethnic tone to your setup. Just tell the florists that you have a sudden change of mind.

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2. Ditch the centerpieces

They are costly and they are nothing but decorations. So, if you have to cut short something from the list, let it be the least important ones. We understand that you have spent a lot of time choosing the best centerpieces, but, trust us, replacing them with something less expensive would not hurt your idea of a dream wedding at all. You can also find many wonderful ideas for inexpensive centerpieces online.

3. Skip one or two drinks

Of course you want to surprise your guests with some of the best drinks and mocktails from across the world. But, if you delete just one or two names from the list of drinks, it will not make a difference. And cutting just one or two drinks from the list can save you a few thousand bucks straightway. So, tick off the exotic drinks from the menu and save yourself a lot of money.

4. Costume jewelry instead of the real deal

Gold and diamond jewelry can eat up 1/4th of your wedding budget. So, if you are running short of budget or it’s getting too heavy on your cost sheet then it’d be wise to ditch gold and diamond, and go for the beautiful and trendy costume jewelry . A lot of brides have already bid adieu to the gold jewelry saying these are passé. Then why not you? Moreover, costume jewelry lets you style your wedding ensemble in a grander way, too. Also, do you know you can hire designer costume jewelry for 1/10th of the price of gold and diamond jewelry ?

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5. Accessories

Similarly, instead of spending a fortune on a Prada clutch, give our indigenous designers a chance to showcase their talents and your pocket a reason to breath. If the clutch is too important to your wedding look, maybe, try to alter a few less significant accessories such as hair jewelry pieces which often stay out of the vision if you are wearing a veil.

6. Wedding dress

This point is valid if only you haven’t already altered the wedding dress or given it to be altered. But, if you are yet to buy the dress or it’s still untouched, maybe, this point will be of some help to you. Splurging a few lakhs on your wedding dress will not be a wise decision if your wedding budget has gone badly up the expected mark. Remember, you are going to wear this dress just for one evening and, for the rest of your life, this dress is going to be locked in your wardrobe. So, there’s no point in worrying what people think of it. It’s your wedding and thinking about the future is not a bad thing either.

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7. Thoughtful Return gifts

Instead of giving costly perfumes or watches as return gifts to your wedding guests, think of something thoughtful and interesting and, of course, inexpensive. For example, you could buy double bedsheet sets in bulk which are useful and affordable. They also make great keepsakes and most people utilize them too. After all, return gifts are meant to be tokens of  appreciation. Just give the return gift a great deal of thought and you will be surprised to see some really interesting ideas turning up.

8. DIY project

This is the last resort for anything you don’t want to spend huge money on. But, remember, DIY projects need planning, time and money too. You can DIY the dress, accessories and even the wedding invitations. This way, you can save a lot of money.

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