Expert Speaks: Top MUA Ayesha Seth On 5 Things Not To Do Before Your Big Day!

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When it comes to bridal makeup, all brides wish they had a direct line to a pro to learn the secrets of the trade. Worry not-weddingsonline to your rescue! We have created this platform so you lovely ladies can get access to the best names in the industry. You can reach out to dozens of experts  to seek their services and yes, even ask your burning questions. Today we have makeup guru Ayesha Seth (top makeup artist that models and Bollywood starlets turn to), to give you expert advice on things you should not do as far as your bridal makeup goes. Here they are….

Waxing or bleaching your face prior to the Big Day

Waxing your face or bleaching it a day before the wedding is a strict no-no. Sometimes your skin can react adversely to the bleach or pulling of hair due to hormonal changes and high stress levels. Always do this at least ten days to two weeks before your wedding day. 
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Skin treatments like laser hair removal a week before the wedding

Avoid skin treatments like laser or skin polishing or facials within week leading up to your wedding especially if you are doing it for the first time. Usually treatments like this require one to be out of the sun post the session, to avoid nasty side effects, something you can’t promise if you’re running around for your wedding arrangements.
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Spicy food and alcohol and late nights.

The bridal glow we often see comes with taking great care of your diet, eating healthy and on time and also avoiding late nights. Alcohol dehydrates and robs the skin of its elasticity. When we apply makeup to the dehydrated skin, it does not sit well and looks patchy. Dehydrated skin also sucks in anything that is applied on it- like moisturiser and foundation- and looks dry and dull. Drink tons of water and your skin will not absorb the makeup, rather it will welcome it.
top bridal makeup artist Ayesha Seth studio

Use of products you have never used before

Avoid trying new creams/products that you’ve never used before . Natural exfoliators and brighteners work wonders. Honey – lemon masks, yogurt and turmeric pastes or even plain lemon juice applied on the face gives wonderful results.
top bridal makeup artist Ayesha Seth studio

Picking your face

Avoid the urge to burst or pick at pimples. The marks that a burst zit leaves are tough to cover and often take weeks to disappear. If you do break out, visit your dermatologist or use topical acne creams. In severe cases your doctor will prescribe antibiotics. Even if you do break out before your wedding, request your makeup artist to do her best to make the spots less visible rather than using your nails to squeeze it out of sight.
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