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So, ladies what’s your favorite color? It’s a proven fact that most women love pink; as clichéd as it maybe. Trends come and go but one shade is evergreen and is dear to almost every girl. Over the years it may get reinvented in different avatars with different shades becoming popular every season.

Last year was bursting with color; from bright flashy neon pinks to hot corals. It’s been everywhere from the ramps to the smallest stores and off course it’s also been huge in bridal wear. Cut to the trends of this year; Radiant Orchid has been designated as the color of the year by Pantone. It is a fairly muted, mid toned purple. This shade though may not be very widely adopted as it is not very flattering on everyone, especially on Indian skin tones. It is also a very niche choice. But it also points to the fact that this year belongs to more muted, pastel shades; which brings me back to our eternal favorite PINK. There is a shade for everyone but what is really flattering universally and trending right now; especially for bridals are soft and romantic shades of blush, nude toned and baby pinks, a far cry from last year’s blinding brightness. Refinement, elegance and class is what these shades resonate. They have been widely featured this year at Lakme Fashion Week, from Manish Malhotra’s opening show “A Summer Affair” to popular designers like Jyotsna Tiwari, Anushree Reddy, Anita Dongre amongst others. Pink is extremely popular for weddings, almost every bride has some outfit in pink. As flattering as it is, some pointers need to be kept in mind while choosing the right colored outfit and matching the appropriate make up. With this nifty guide be ready to rock the next wedding and have all eyes on yourself.

Understanding Pink

No, we are not talking about the singer! Shades of pink can be broadly divided across 2 spectrums; warm and cold. That peachy, coral-ly, blush toned pink that you have your eyes on? Well, that’s a warm pink. Pink with undertones of blue are cool pinks; like that Barbie pink that you grew up with. One think to be kept in mind always, do keep your makeup and clothes within the same family, i.e. don’t mix lavender pink make up with coral make up; it will clash and look jarring. This holds true for all skin tones. Even with clothes a baby pink outfit will look far better with fuchsia or berry pink or even peachy make up than it would look with orange-pink makeup.

Dusky girls

Dusky Girls

Image Source: Sandeep Gupta Photography

Almost any shade of pink would suit dusky beauties, including neons. Warmer shades would generally look better as they would add warmth and color. Pale, almost nude pink would also look great. Another great trick which is very popular to exude a warm, healthy pink glow is to mix in some illuminator in your foundation like the Colorbar Body Shimmer. The perfect lip color would be Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick – Famous Fuchsia which are both conveniently available at Nykaa.

Medium toned/ Wheatish skin

Medium Toned

Image Source: Sandeep Gupta Photography

Girls with this skin tone will look great in almost any shade of pink. Though, again I would say that warmer shades would be more flattering. Indian skin by nature has predominantly yellow and olive undertones hence using warmer colors a person looks more radiant. Lovely peach pinks would look amazing, so would melon pinks. The only shade to wear carefully would be pale lavender pink shades. The perfect blush for this skin tone would be Rimmel 3 in1 Multi Tonal Powder Blush – 003 Autumn Catwalk and the perfect lippy would be L’Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipstick – Dating Coral

Fair/ Pale Skin

Fair Skin

Image Source: Sandeep Gupta Photography

A lovely strawberry pink, a stunning powder pink will look lovely. Lavender and other tones will also look stunning. The only shades to be careful about are very pale, almost white shades or very bright and intense shades as they may make you look pale or washed out. When you apply blush, always apply a little and then gradually build it up as you don’t want to look like a Russian doll. After you finish applying blush to your cheeks you can use the same brush and sweep it over your temples, bridge of the nose and under the jaw for an allover glow. The perfect colors for this skin type would be L’Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipstick – Mauve Cherrie and L’Oreal Paris True Match Blush – Pink Marshmallow A gentle sweep of light pink or peach on the eyelids is perfect for the day; to brighten your face with just the slightest hint of makeup. So, be ready for a super summer where you will be the center of attention! Go ahead; brighten this summer with different shades of pink.

About the Author:  The author of this post, Priya Rane, is a freelance blogger and contributes frequently to various beauty and fashion blogs. She often writes for Nykaa’s BeautyBook, a blog about Women’s beauty, makeup, lifestyle, trends, fashion and fitness. She loves traveling and likes to prepare different cuisines for her family on weekends.

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