How To Find The Right Wedding Caterer- Part 3

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We trust that our previous article on how to find the right wedding caterer for your dream wedding has helped you kick-start the process of short listing a few caterers who can deliver exactly the kind of finger-licking cuisine that you have in mind for your guests.

As this is the last article in the 3 part series on wedding caterers, we would like to take you through a few other points which will help you and your partner make an effective decision.  It’s always wise to have your partner accompany you to in-person meetings with wedding caterers simply because two heads are better than one!



Just like professional photography studios have a portfolio to show prospective clients, many established wedding caterers also have their own websites, facebook pages and portfolios with snapshots of other weddings they have catered for. Get all the information you need so that you can shortlist a minimum of 4 – 5 wedding caterers with whom you can discuss the wedding catering in detail.



Does the caterer have the expertise and the experience to deliver tantalizing mini-bites to be served at cocktails or can they fine-tune a recipe to accommodate your preferences? Meeting the right people can make all the difference! For example, if a re-created high-end fine dining experience is what you have in mind for your wedding, then meeting up with a wedding caterer who is famed for his yummy chaats and other starters is clearly not a good idea.  Make sure you meet the right caterer for the job and here’s where feedback from others will help.



Always have a budget and more importantly, be realistic about it. Don’t think twice about giving a reasonable budget to your chosen wedding caterer and asking him or her to work on a menu based on that. If you feel that the suggested prices are too high, it doesn’t hurt to cut off one or two items from the menu, because after all, you will be the one paying for it!



Most couples get confused with regard to exactly how the food served should taste- should the food served be spicy, kept bland, taste tangy etc.  What’s important to remember is that everyone has different tastes when it comes to food and it is difficult to get a 5 star rating from each guest who attends your wedding. If you have a mixed crowd, it may be better to play safe and to go for a spread that features the best of North and South Indian food instead of one which highlights just one cuisine.



Lastly, once you have decided which wedding caterer you would like to go with, make a down payment of at least 50- 75% so that there is a lower chance of the caterer backing out at the last minute. And as we’ve said many times before- a tasting session is by far the most important element while making this decision!



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