How To Find The Right Wedding Caterer- Part 2

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And we’re back with more tips on how to choose the right wedding caterer for your very special day.


As we’ve said before, food often takes centre stage at weddings and the best wedding caterer is one who can suggest different ways of presenting and serving the wedding dishes aesthetically. We highlight a few catering options that brides love:




Buffet: At a buffet spread, the food is usually kept in serving dishes that can be heated and from which hot food can be served to guests, simultaneously. The advantages of having a buffet are many- instead of having just one buffet table, you could have two or more tables depending upon the size of the venue and the number of guests present. Guests have the option of serving themselves and this indirectly helps in lower wastage of food as well. Besides, if the thought of an all-Indian buffet sounds a tad boring, you could serve a mix of two or more cuisines too! A buffet spread also allows you to coordinate the linen and cutlery with the rest of your wedding decor, so this is a great option to consider if you prefer to go with only the colours of your chosen wedding theme.


Food Stations: These can be quite expensive depending upon the number of stations you plan to have and also upon the number of cuisines you plan to serve. This wedding catering idea works best if your guests have varied food preferences and also if you would like to showcase a range of flavours and exotic dishes at your wedding, but be warned, it’s not for couples who are on a strict wedding budget. Popular themes for food stations include presentation of dishes from all four corners of India, Italian and European cuisine as well as Pan Asian and Continental cuisine. Many couples also opt for stations which allow guests to customize their chaats, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas and even noodles. If your wedding caterer can put together a tantalizing spread, you can bet that all your guests will love the dining experience.


Sit-Down Meal or mini-buffet: In the West, a sit-down meal is quite an expensive affair and each guest is individually served by a waiter. In India, however, a sit-down meal takes on a slightly different meaning. For couples who would prefer to avoid the heavy rush that can often be seen at buffet tables and stations, it makes sense to have a mini-buffet or spread laid out individually on each table itself. This allows the guests to relax and to help themselves to each dish on their own without being made to wait. You’re also likely to see lesser quantities of food being wasted. Brides can go all-out with the table decor in such a setting as it adds to the ambience and will enhance the overall dining experience itself.

Watch out for the last part of our 3 series article next week and in case you missed it, here’s How to hire a wedding caterer part 1.

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