How To Find The Right Wedding Caterer

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How many weddings have you attended where there were hushed complaints about the quality of the food, the quantity of a dish served to each guest or about the variety of the cuisines served as well? Food per se, is important to Indians and in Indian culture as well and it’s no secret that wedding guests eagerly look forward to enjoying a great spread at any ceremony or auspicious occasion. So, in this three part article, we give you some easy-to-remember tips to help you choose the right wedding caterer for your special day.



Before you decide whether you need to hire a wedding caterer for the occasion or not, you need to decide on the wedding venue. If you choose to have a reception party at a hotel or a resort, you will be expected to hire the in-house or on-site catering services provided by them. In case, you opt for this arrangement, it may be viable to ask the on-site manager if they have a fixed menu from which you can put together your own buffet spread or you could also opt for their wedding f & b package if they have one. However, it is best not to rely on whatever is suggested and the only way to find out just how good the food really tastes, is to sample the wedding catering menu.


Needless to say, in-house catering takes a big load off your shoulder and gives you the freedom to focus on many other things, but that doesn’t mean that choosing to go with an off-premise caterer is a bad decision to make. Doing so actually puts you in a much better position to decide exactly how you want to present the food, the number of cuisines to serve as well as the dishes that will make up the final spread. Besides, if you would like to take things up one notch and hire the services of a well-known chef or famous restaurant which only takes select orders, then don’t hesitate about fixing another venue for the wedding.


You are likely to be flooded with wedding caterer suggestions from relatives and other friends, but don’t delay visiting a few caterers so that you get an idea about how much hiring their services for a day or night will cost you. Plus, don’t rule out getting real feedback from others who have actually tried out the wedding caterer’s services for themselves. In fact a good place to help you get started is our certified caterers page on

We’ll be back with more tips in how to hire the right wedding caterer next week!

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