Brilliant First Gift Ideas For Husbands

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Whether you’ve dated your husband for a while or you’ve met him only a couple times before tying the knot; the first gift you give him holds a lot of significance. Needless to say, a great deal of thought must go into its purchase. The selected gift must show your love and respect for him. For many girls, selecting this crucial first gift does not come easily. Most of the typical gift ideas sound too cliched; still others seem extravagant. The key lies in finding the fine line between the two. Up until now it even might have been him who has showered you with gifts and surprises. It is now his turn to be wowed and bowled over. So, we are presenting some unique post wedding-gift ideas for new brides to consider for  their better halves. These ideas are sure to make him fall in love with you all over again!

First Gift to Husband Post Marriage

Personalised gifts:

These come in all shapes and sizes and the list is endless. You could get a T-shirt, mug, calendar, pillow covers, or bed sheets printed with a favourite picture of the two of you or even a collage of your best pictures. You must be careful while choosing the pictures for these prints. Although they are called personalised gifts, you can place it your living room where it is visible to your guests as well. If you want to print a collage of more than one picture, pick the ones that are closest to your heart right from the time of your first meeting till date. You may even have to plan and click photographs accordingly (without him knowing of course).

DIY gifts:

These are a popular category nowadays. DIY gifts add a very personal touch and can instantly melts the heart of even the most rugged men. We recommend hand painted t-shirts or mugs. It doesn’t take much and all you need is a plain t-shirt/mug, fabric paint, and some alphabet molds. You can print your own hand print on the front and a ‘love quote’ on the back. Do not worry too much about everything turning out just perfect -after all; it’s the thought that counts.  Have fun while creating these DIY gifts.

Another DIY idea is a scrapbook . If you have had a long courtship, you might already have lot of little things to put into this book. Some ideas include: tickets of the first film you watched together, photo of the first meal together, or even the photograph of the person who brought you together, first shopping trip together, etc.

First Gift to Husband Post Marriage

Another DIY gift could be a  hand-written letter recollecting all the memories since the time you first met. We recommend you take your time as you pen this message. First, you could write down all the occasions, situations, events that you want to put down on paper. Put these in proper sequence. Look for some quotes that closely describe the situation. After this you could start writing this letter. You may even need to make more than one draft. Once you’ve written down everything, you could decorate it using stickers, ribbons, emoticons etc.

Weekend getaway:

Whether a businessman or a working professional, all he needs is a much required break from his work. A weekend break nearby your city is a perfect getaway for both of you. After the hectic wedding preparations and celebrations, you both can just relax and enjoy some solace in a resort. You can make all the necessary reservations in advance including the travel arrangements and meals. You could book a couples’ spa day as well.

First Gift to Husband Post Marriage

Other gift ideas:

If there is no time for these elaborate gifts, we have other gift ideas as well. There include: wrist watch, sunglasses, tools he needs, grooming items, ready-made shirts, etc. Some other suggestions include: a movie date, dinner date, a long drive and so on.

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