Five Valentine’s Day Treats For Your Sweets

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The month of February screams Valentine’s Day. It automatically becomes all about love, romance, flowers, chocolates and hearts. This day comes once a year but the celebration lasts a month long.

Every woman looks forward to what her husband or beau has planned for her and the man  is always challenged to make it extraordinarily special.  Alot of preparation and brainstorming is done for this one day of the year.

To avoid any disappointments and pressure from both sides we have gathered few ideas for the couple to enjoy and share with their better halves on this special day.



Breakfast is usually a quick meal in the morning as each one is rushing to get to work. Make this day an exception. Wake up a little earlier and make something simple not just for the other person but also for yourself. Once your wife or husband is awake surprise him or her with a breakfast in bed for two. It can be something as simple as cereals in bed. What matters is you made an effort to spend the morning by his or her side.



It’s been said that a picture says a thousand words however a collage of photos says more than one can ever explain. In today’s mobile camera world, pictures are conveniently taken and uploaded. Start by compiling pictures from the day this wonderful relationship began up until this very date and go to the nearest photo shop and you are done. This will absolutely bring back the butterflies of when it all started.

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We all get involved in our daily routine that we constantly  forget how to relax and spend some quiet time with our spouse. Take Valentine ’s Day as an opportunity to book a massage session for two in a spa and plan a nice romantic dinner after.



Bring back the honeymoon excitement for a day by spending the night out of the house with your other half. You don’t have to go so far away to enjoy alone time. Book a room in one of the best hotels in the city and be prepared for a night to remember.


5.)    FLOWERS

One can never go wrong with sending a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day. Flowers have the power to melt hearts and create smiles. Try to stay away from the typical red roses and create your own bouquet by choosing your own pieces of flowers that will perfectly describe the beauty of your relationship.



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