Food Ideas For A Bridal Shower Breakfast

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A Bridal Shower Breakfast is a fantastic way to get together with your girlfriends and to celebrate your wedding that’s just a few weeks away. Unlike  a full-fledged lunch or dinner course, a bridal shower breakfast menu is light on the tummy and really yummy (check out our article on bridal shower brunch ideas here). Besides, if you look at it practically, having a breakfast with your besties over the weekend allows them to spend the rest of the day in any way they want to!


It’s likely that although your guests will be hungry, they won’t exactly be ravenous and eager to have a third or fourth go at the buffet table. That’s why it makes sense to either downsize the menu so that only 4 – 5 main items are on the list or to serve mini-bite portions if you would prefer to have a bigger spread. We give you some fun food ideas that are so easy to put together and which all your guests will love. Yes, we’ve been a bit partial to sugary treats but then again, don’t they make life just a wee bit sweeter?



Well, it is a bridal shower breakfast after all, and that’s why you need to make sure that everybody gets to enjoy a cup of their favourite brew. If you’re unsure about how the guests like to take their coffee or tea, simply allow them to make their own cuppa instead. Allot at least one serving table for displaying coffee, milk tea and green tea sachets along with milk, cream and sugar. Fruit smoothies and freshly made juices make great morning beverages as well.




Fruits are a good way to kick-start the morning so place bowls of freshly diced seasonal fruits on a table from which the guests can help themselves. You could also keep bowls of fresh cream, sweet yoghurt, honey, cereals and chopped nuts right next to the fruit bowls.




Add an Indian touch to your bridal shower breakfast by serving puris with aloo bhaji, upma with coconut chutney, paranthas, dosas or even fluffy idlis. Don’t leave out the accompanying condiments which enhance the taste of these Indian dishes.



Even the humble bread and jam can taste truly exotic and heavenly when you serve a variety of breads with homemade jams and spreads. In fact, jars of jam also make ideal bridal shower breakfast return favours for the guests.



It’s never too early in the morning to enjoy a sweet treat and favourites like buttered scones, mini- cupcakes, doughnuts and cream tarts are always a hit with guests. But if you’d like to do something different, then why not have a doughnut ‘cake’ or a macaroon tower instead? You’ll satisfy everybody’s sweet tooth and get plenty of raving reviews as well!

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