Food Ideas For A Bridal Shower Brunch

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Deciding on what to serve at a bridal shower brunch can be quite tricky- you want the invited guests to enjoy themselves but at the same time you don’t want them to feel stuffed and uncomfortable. In the next few articles we will take a look at some great tid-bits and dishes you can serve at bridal showers irrespective of what time of the day it is. In this article however, we give you tips on what you could serve at a bridal shower brunch and we’ve also suggested a few timeless Indian cuisine favourites.


Hosting a bridal shower brunch party is actually quite a good idea because it is eaten late in the morning and typically comes within the 11:00 am to 1:00 pm slot. Considering that a brunch is neither breakfast nor lunch, you get to serve a mix of really yummy treats and since anything ‘mini’ is in (who wants to deal with the guilt that follows later?), you can be sure that your bridal shower brunch menu will be a hit!


Finger foods: Consider them your little saviours because they are always a hit with the crowd. Think breadsticks, mini sandwiches, mini potato and peas croquettes, fish fingers, mini galouti kebabs, quiches, mini samosas and if you’d like a bit of the exotic, then even sushi and meatballs can be served. These finger licking treats don’t make a mess and allow people to continue with a conversation even between bites.


Chaats & Salads: Well, an Indian bridal shower brunch wouldn’t be the same without some fiery spice, tanginess and hints of both sweet & sour, which is why chaats are always much sought after. Papdi chaats, bhel puri, paani puri and sev puri are a few classics. You could either hire help so that the chaats can be prepared according to the guest’s specifications or you could have a DIY table too. Get creative with the salads and think beyond the standard Russian salad and Green salad. If you aren’t sure what your guests would like, you could also serve a variety of sauces and creamy dressings in mini bowls so that the salads can be customized to suit their palate.



Appetizers: Appetizers served at a bridal shower brunch should be more substantial in size than the finger foods. Paneer & Chicken tikkas, an assortment of Kebabs, vegetable bakes with cheese, hummus served with pita bread, pastas, casseroles, thin crust pizzas, mini naans with curry and lasagnes are a few ideas that are worth considering. It’s up to you of course to stick with just one cuisine or not, but you’ll have a better chance of pleasing more taste-buds by serving a minimum of two.


Desserts: Now, which girl doesn’t love these? Serve a few Indian dry sweets like barfis, pedas and syrupy ones like rasgullas and gulab jamuns. Fresh cream pastries cut in half, fruit tarts and assorted cakes are bridal shower brunch regulars too. For a real European touch, colourful macaroons, cupcakes and cute cake pops are a must. You could even handout small gift boxes of assorted macaroons to the guests as a party favour.

We’ll be back with more spicy food ideas for bridal showers soon!

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