Fun Bridal Shower Themes – Part 1

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What’s a bridal shower without a fun bridal shower theme? Choosing the right bridal shower theme can be tricky but it certainly makes planning the rest of the show quite a breeze. If you know a few ‘favourite’ things that the bride-to-be likes, then you could even put together a completely new and unique bridal shower theme. If you’d like a few ideas to kick-start your imagination, then you’ll find plenty in our two part article here:


Lingerie Theme: No, your guests don’t need to turn up in their favourite piece of lingerie but you can go all-out naughty with a theme like this. Go with sexy lingerie shades like deep plums, bright pinks, satiny blacks and royal purple. You could also use lingerie cut-outs, lace and satin ribbons to spice up the ambience and decor. Order a jaw-dropping lingerie cake for the bride to be and serve exotic, sensuous treats with chocolate as the main ingredient- think chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate ice-cream, mini choc muffins etc. And since this theme is all about being naughty and nice, there’s no harm in adding a fun twist to all the games too. Party favours can be as simple as a travel make-up kit bag to feminine perfumes.


Parisian Theme: If you haven’t visited Paris as yet, fear not, because the real Parisian charm that has wooed the world for generations can be brought to your door-step in no time with our bridal shower theme tips. Decorate the venue with French movie posters (don’t forget Amelie), pictures of the Eiffel Tower, French poodles with shades like black, white and pink taking centre-stage. Instead of serving mocktails, why not serve some authentic French wine or champagne in lovely flutes instead? And don’t forget that the French are serious connoisseurs when it comes to food. That’s why serving French favourites like gourmet cheese, quiches, baguettes and even macaroons works well. Party favours can range from mini French cookie boxes to a selection of French movie classics.


Garden Tea Party: If the bride-to-be loves a natural setting more than a party hall, then this is one bridal shower theme you should say yes to. With plenty of inspiration taken from books written by novelists like Jane Austen, the Garden Tea Party theme is undoubtedly British but can be tweaked to suit an Indian setting as well. The decor should feature natural flowers and greenery where possible with plenty of emphasis placed on elegance and style. And since this is a tea party after all, don’t hesitate to serve all the yummy Indian savouries that are much loved like mini samosas, cucumber sandwiches, pakoras and mithai. Party favours can range from a pack of exotic teas to mini cream-cakes.

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