Fun Bridal Shower Themes- Part 2

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True to our word, we’re back with two more ideas for a fun bridal shower theme party that won’t cost a bomb and which will be a ton of fun as well!



Spa Theme: A wedding truly is a stressful affair and you can bet that the bride is probably going through her share of wedding jitters too. So, why not call a few of her best friends and close family members and then head down to a good spa salon which will be more than happy to play host? Do remember to check out any available packages and try to book the entire spa for the day or for a few hours, depending on the package you choose. Since a spa is all about staying healthy, serving light nutritious snacks is a good idea, so think salads, mini sandwiches, finger foods and the like. For a party favour, you could gift scented candles, luxury bathing gels or even a set of aromatic oils.



Pink Theme: Believe it or not, but pink can make a really fun bridal shower theme. And maybe because the colour is associated with girls and all things nice, it’s easy on the eyes and also just as easy to put together ideas in pink for a bridal shower. Pink invitations are easily available and for the decor, you could hang pink balloons, pink streamers and even pink fake furs besides using pink roses and carnations for the tables. The food usually includes desserts that are of various shades of pinks but you could also serve finger foods as well. Drinks could include both rose wine and berry punches. Return gifts can range from a box of pink macaroons to small trinkets for everyday wear.


Remember- these are just a few guidelines and tips that we’ve mentioned here and it’s up to you to tweak these fun bridal shower themes to suit the bride’s tastes and of course, the guests’.




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