Fun Entertainment Ideas For Wedding Guests

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We predicted that this year, couples would say yes to making their wedding much more memorable, extra special and lots more fun. So, hiring a DJ for the wedding reception isn’t such a ‘new’ fad anymore and that’s probably why more couples prefer to have a live wedding band instead. But, if simply asking guests to hit the dance floor isn’t what you had in mind for your guests, then how about taking a cue from one of our fun entertainment suggestions below:


Photo booths: We could rave on and on about how awesome it is to have at least one such booth at your reception, simply because it’s a great way to encourage guests to just be themselves! If you can, why not set up two or more booths with different props (you could even follow a theme for example at the beach or 70’s disco) so that your guests don’t end up waiting for long just to get their picture clicked. Slow-motion video booths are also a fun idea to try out.


Hit the piñata: Pinatas are a common sight at birthday parties but we bet you never thought of putting one up at your wedding reception. It would be fun to fill the piñata with fortune cookies, sweets, mini liquor bottles, alcohol filled chocolates or even with mini badges. Stay away from the cartoon characters that kids love and go for a wedding piñata in the shape of a wedding ring, lantern, flower bouquet or even a star. Don’t you think your guests will enjoy this fun entertainment suggestion?


Hire a caricature artist: Do you find putting up a photo booth too expensive? No big deal, why not go with a caricature artist then? Either way, you’ll give the guests an opportunity to take home a souvenir and also to have a good laugh! You could even gift the guest with the best caricature portrait a special gift.


Don’t forget the kids: Kids are often the most neglected guests at wedding receptions which may explain why they often look for a chance to create mayhem or to just play by themselves. If you would like your little guests to have a good time as well, you’ll find that hiring a clown to keep them entertained is a decision you won’t regret. Or, why not have a fun kiddy stall or corner where the little ones can get their faces painted, get a temporary tattoo done (or how about mehendi designs for the girls?), watch a magic show or put their artistic skills to the test?

Why not share some of your fun entertainment ideas with us? We’d love to hear from you!

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