Fun Ways to Propose to a Girl

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We Indians love our weddings and it goes without saying that weddings are not just an occasion for a get together with the family but a fantastic reason to celebrate life and togetherness as well. With plenty of inspiration from Bollywood itself, weddings these days are larger than life affairs which are plenty of fun. So if you plan to propose to the girl of your dreams, why not add some spice to those special moments because what’s life without a dash of mirchi now and then? We give you some fun ideas to help you get started:


Yes, we all love our immediate families, extended family members and practically the whole clan. So, why not consider popping the question in their presence? You could even get the help of her immediate family members and friends to make the moment even more special and fun. For instance, how about throwing her a surprise party? We promise you, it’ll earn you plenty of brownie points from her family as well!


Take a cue from Bollywood’s most romantic movies: how about picking your favourite (or maybe hers!), watching the movie together and asking her to marry you during her/your favourite scenes. Every Bollywood movie has its own share of drama, happy tears, sad tears and tons of romance- so the scenes where she goes ‘aww’, sheds a tear or two or just loves for its poignancy probably provide the best backdrop for a proposal. So what if she isn’t into such drama? Hollywood movies have plenty of fantastic romantic flicks too.


If you can afford it and really want the moment to be just about you both, why not take her to a romantic place for a short vacation and then pop the question? It’s actually a good time to tell her what you feel, about how you see the both of you together and also about the journey ahead. Hill stations like Ooty & Munnar give you plenty of privacy or if those places are too serene for you; then head to Goa which has something for everyone.



Proposing on Valentine’s Day is still quite popular but it’s quite predictable too. So, how about proposing the old fashioned way? No, you don’t have to part with one of your used hankies but serenading her with a love song under her window and proposing to her is certain to win you brownie points for life. And if you’re certain you can’t sing at all, then turn to your iPod or cd player for help! As for the neighbours, let’s just say that everybody likes a romantic story!


A proposal to your future wife shouldn’t just be about having a romantic edge. What’s also important is that you make the moment as special as you can for the both of you, by giving it your unique touch.


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