Garden Weddings – PART I

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Ever dreamed about getting married in a scenic location where everything is simply graced with the beauty of nature? Then the option of having a garden wedding with its natural, outdoor feel and picturesque surroundings would be the way to go!  Garden weddings are ideal for early spring and summer times.  994957_761220757228106_1609511549_n

Nature has a way of unveiling true beauty in its blossoms.  This makes for a perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures and reflects a spirit of celebration. Garden weddings tend to require the minimum of decoration.602137_767998213217027_1442954990_n

It could either be a total outdoor event or could include an indoor reception as well. If you are blessed with a great geographical location and the right season, you could even tie the knot under a cherry blossom or apple tree!


Sandee Gupta Photography

Saneesh Sukumaran Photography

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