Garima & Harshit’s Beautiful Engagement Pics!

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Our Instagram follower Garima has sent beautiful engagement pics which you are going to love! Tons of inspiration and cuteness in their ‘how they met’ story as well….read on!

Bride and Groom

Garima Verma and Harshit Dhupar

How They Met

It’s always said that having your best friend as your life partner is the greatest blessing one can have.

Says Garima: “We are the couple who are BFF’s first before life partners. We met each other on the first day of our post graduation classes and remembering that day still makes me laugh as my first thought after seeing his introduction was -I am so not going to talk to this man! I actually tried to change my section as we both were allotted the same class. But then cupid struck and destiny had something else in store for us. His name being Harshit and mine being Garima we were allotted consecutive roll numbers which made us get more and more involved with each other. Within 4 months he confessed that he was in love with me and before he did, in those 4 months, there were many people who could feel that love in the air except the two of us! After 4 years of a beautiful courtship, I got on my knees to propose to him His answer was Yes! But it took further one and a half years to convince our families. Here we are, happily engaged today. Sharing the pics of the shoot!”

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