How to Get Baby Soft Hands in Time for Your Wedding

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When it is time to tie the knot, there are many considerations: your wedding look, the venue, food, guests, presents, favours, and a million other things. While planning for your dream wedding, more often than not, your hands get neglected. Imagine how important your hands are when your beau is ready to slip the engagement ring over your finger, or when you perform various rituals. Your hands will be in focus and keeping them baby soft is as important as having a glowing face. These tips will help you get perfectly smooth, soft hands in time for your wedding.

Coconut oil scrub

Mix one teaspoon of coconut oil with half a teaspoon of granulated sugar and use it as a scrub on your hands. Cover your palm, between your fingers and the back of your hand. Be sure to use this mix at the base of your wrist to get rid of calluses. This scrub not only removes dead skin, it also hydrates your skin. Coconut oil is rich in vitamins that are essential for hair growth and skin health. The oil gets absorbed into the deeper layers of skin keeping them healthy and soft.

Petroleum jelly

We are sure you have heard this before in relation to keeping your feet soft. You can use the same trick for your hands as well. Apply petroleum jelly all over your hands making sure you massage it in. Next, slip on a pair of mittens or gloves or a clean pair of socks that do not restrict circulation. If you leave the mitts on all night, you are sure to wake up with soft and smooth hands. Instead of petroleum jelly, you can also use a moisturizer or a hand cream.

how to get baby soft hands in time for your wedding

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Go for regular manicures

A manicure every fifteen days can keep dead skin at bay and also improve circulation. The intense moisturizer applied during the process helps keep the skin soft. Several salons offer manicure with wax option. Try the wax pack and see how quickly it helps moisturize your hands. A wax pack transmits heat into the skin and cleanses and opens pores. This enables the skin to allow subsequent moisturiser applications to penetrate deeper into the skin. It also increases circulation and makes your skin smooth.

Avoid alcohol based hand sanitizer

If you use an alcohol based hand sanitizer it can dry your hands out. So do avoid its excess use. Also, hot water and harsh soaps can strip skin of inherent moisture- so try and avoid washing when not essential-this will help keep your hands soft. Use cool or tepid water when washing and use a mild soap.

how to get soft hands for your wedding

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Massage with almond oil

Almond oil contains vitamin E that repairs the skin and smoothes wrinkles. Massage about ten drops of almond oil into your hands and wipe after ten or fifteen minutes.

Cover your hands and protect them during the day

During the day, wear rubber or latex gloves while washing utensils or hanging wet clothes or gardening. You might want to consider wearing good quality latex gloves while working in the kitchen to avoid stripping hands of inherent moisture.

Few everyday tips

Continue to hydrate your skin and body by drinking sufficient water during the day. Avoid hot water while washing and use SPF creams on your hands as well when you go out.

We hope you fit in some of the tips into your routine and get baby soft hands right in time for your wedding!

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