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We are back with more colours from the Pantone Fall Collection. Get set to have your bridal wardrobe designed around these shades:



pantone fall colours for Indian weddings

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Cadmium Orange: We think orange in some form or the other should be a part of your wardrobe simply because it’s such a fun and vivacious shade which can instantly jazz up any outfit you choose. Orange is a very important colour with respect to Pantone’s Fall Collection because it immediately brings to mind falling leaves that have an orange-red hue. This shade in particular can be worn with other sober shades like Reflecting Pond for a lovely contrast and looks just as pretty with silver zardosi embroidery or embellishments on it too. Cadmium Orange creates an even sharper contrast when paired with black and when worn with the right jewellery, it can make a bride look truly regal.




Pantone fall colour Biscay Bay for Indian weddings

Biscay Bay- Often called the highlight of the Pantone Fall Collection; Biscay Bay is a class apart when compared to other autumn shades. Here’s why: all the other shades have a direct association in terms of mood and colour with the actual autumn season but Biscay Bay as such reminds one of blue tropical waters. Only the daring should even think of pairing Cadmium Orange with Biscay Bay, we say although the outcome is very pretty. Biscay Bay on its own is a shade that pops, so pairing it with a subtle beige, Reflecting Pond or mango yellow will make any bride look radiant. Now imagine, an all white embellished flowing skirt with a Biscay Bay choli- the result is a stunner.





Pantone fall colour for Indian grooms

Oak Buff- What we love about this shade is its high unisex quotient. When paired with a marsala turban for bridegrooms, the result is a positive stunner whereas brides can wear this shade with Biscay Bay or Amethyst Orchid for a real feminine style. What’s beautiful about this shade is that it is a mellow one that reminds one of nature too. It’s natural tones allow brides and bridegrooms to dress up or dress down this shade as per their taste. In fact, this Pantone Fall Collection palette looks grand when used with other bright shades as a part of wedding decor too.

We’ll be back with four more shades from the Pantone Fall Collection. Stay tuned!

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