Glam Up, Bollywood Style !

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Cinderella had her Fairy Godmother’s help to prepare for the ball where she was going to meet her Prince Charming; in the real world brides  need to choose and hire makeup artists to make them look their best for the most significant day of their lives.

Since big fat Indian weddings consist of more than one occasion, every bride is expected to look outstanding at each event. She has to be prepared with looks to present to her artists so that she won’t be on a last minute panic mode looking like Cinderella’s evil sisters instead.

Below is a glimpse on few Bollywood celebrity inspired looks which may give each bride a favourable idea on what look to go for per day.


1.)    Mehendi is usually a daytime affair and one of the first occasions. So we can start with a simple and fresh look. Not too much work on the face and the eyes.  It gives the bride a more natural glow and leaves a surprise element for the subsequent events.



2.)    Sangeet is a major bash which is held at night and lasts till the wee hours. For this occasion we require a heavier look with dramatic eyes. A blend of darker shades on the eyes along with the lips which should match her outfit giving her a captivating yet traditional look.


3.)    Wedding/Pheras  is  when the bride ties the knot with her prince charming. We have chosen the classic look for this ceremony. We believe the bride already shines with her outfit and accessories as she is adorned with jewels from head to foot. Her color pallete will be more on rose or pink shade and for her eyes will be a neutral shade with a thick liner to show the sparkling eyes.

4.)    Reception is when the deal is sealed with champagne. For this night we have chosen a Hollywood glamour look. A wing liner for the eye is a must and brown smoky eyes to go with it along with a tint of red or plum on the lips. And with that, she is ready for her first dance as missus!kareena-kapoor-talaash-makeup


Do you have any ideas for glamming it up Bollywood style? Then do share them with us!




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