Great Wedding Gift Ideas

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So you are all set to attend the wedding of your relative and have your shoes and dresses sorted out, but buying a gift for the couple is what is on your head at the moment. Well don’t panic. We bring in some great wedding gift ideas for you.

A wedding is a special time and a new beginning in life. It can be made memorable with the perfect marriage gift. Wedding is a special time for any couple and can be made extra special by all those  attending it. You can enhance the moment by giving them a perfect gift and definitely an unusual one. Well, it’s a tricky question to find a perfect gift for the couple who are on the threshold of matrimonial bliss. But you can make it more special to them by adding a personal touch to the gift you are going to give them.

Gifting kitchen appliances, gadgets, home decor items are a tried and tested formula that you can rely on anytime, but if you want to gift them something distinctive here are a few unique ideas you can consider for the newlywed couples:

Book a table for romantic dinner: What better way for a newlywed couple than to spend some quality time together? You can give them this opportunity by booking a table for candle light dinner in a classy restaurant. It could be Italian, Thai, Mexican or Indian restaurant with a range of cuisines to offer. The dinner could be as per your budget. The couple will surely thank you for this innovative idea of gifting.

Visit to a store:  An equally exciting option would be to hand over gift vouchers from branded store. This will enable the couple to pick and choose stuff of their choice which they will cherish. The voucher could be for clothes, kitchen items or personalised items depending on the couples’ taste.


Organize a city tour: If the bride and groom are new to the city they are settling in after marriage, then it will be a good idea to organize a city tour for them. This will give them the opportunity to visit their city’s historical monuments and markets for shopping. But before planning the date of travel keep the couple in loop so that they can also plan out their day accordingly.

Gourmet gift basket: In case you can’t finalize on any of the above gifts, then gourmet gift baskets can be the thing you can go for. You can put together delicious add-ons like fine dark chocolate with liquor, cakes, French wine, gourmet bread, bottled olives, and tasty cheese varieties and so on. A bottle of fine wine or champagne can be added to the basket. A gourmet gift basket is a great option and can be even more fun if you know the couples’ preferences in food and drinks.


Money – Yes it’s true; while it may seem very common, money is a strongly recommended wedding gift. Most young couples are saving for something big. Money may also help them have an extra-special gift item of their choice or let them order some extra photos for their album. While it’s rude for a couple to ask for money, it is never rude to give cash. You can always combine cash or cheque with another personal gift item to make it special.

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