Grooms And Wedding Planning

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So, your BIG day is just a few months away and although you know that all is well and sundry in the capable hands of your dearest fiancée, you would like to have a say in the wedding especially in those little details that do concern you. The first step towards successful wedding planning is simply to acknowledge that there are a few areas where you will be expected to step up (think choosing your best man), a few decisions that will be taken without you (roses or lilies in the bridal bouquet?) and a few more where you will be expected to grin and say nothing (Doesn’t this designer lehenga look nice?). Yes, wedding planning is about all this and more.

We decided that it was important to analyse the many intricacies that go into wedding planning BUT from a guy’s or to be precise, from the groom’s point of view. So, remember to keep checking our blog for further article sequels in this series. Now, let’s get started:

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Know Who To Invite: Unlike in the West, the elders in the two respective families are certain to make decisions with regard to the dates of the ceremonies preceding the wedding, the date of the actual wedding itself, the venue and the guest lists. Feel free to invite those people who you consider an important part of your life but do leave out any ex girl friends and anybody else who you feel is a blast from the past. Irrespective of the kind of platonic friendship you may share with an ex partner, these touchy areas may not go down well with the girl you intend to wed and could spark a rocky launch to the new relationship ahead.


Tackle in-law anxiety HEAD-on: Plenty of articles are written about how brides can become fantastic daughter in laws in just 5 steps and so on, but there’s not much advice for grooms on how to handle any in-laws related anxiety attacks. Let’s face it- tackling her family is a whole new challenge just as dealing with yours is for her but instead of thinking that any in-laws related jitters will soothe away after the wedding, it’s more logical to lay the ground for a good relationship with her parents now. Take the time and effort to make an occasional call to her father while you are courting her and if possible do meet her parents at least two times before the wedding. This thoughtful gesture on your part is certain to win their hearts as well. If she has an older sibling who is protective about her, take the time to get to know them well too. Trust us; you’ll have a much more enjoyable wedding ceremony celebrating with people you are genuinely comfortable with.

As promised, we’ll be back with more tips on wedding planning for grooms very soon, so keep reading!

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