How To Handle Pre-Wedding Jitters- 2

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We’re back with the second part of our article on how to tackle pre-wedding jitters effectively and we bet that you will find our tips so easy to follow:


Dark Chocolate: It’s likely that you will be asked to lay off acne inducing treats like sweets and chocolate, but gorging on a cube or two now and then is certainly no crime! In fact, you’ll find that our dark hero can actually help you in beating the symptoms of stress. Scientifically speaking, dark chocolate has been proven to fight cortisol which enhances stress levels in the body and pre-wedding jitters of course. So, indulge and take time in savouring each sweet moment because it will be worth it!




Omega 3: Omega 3 helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the body, improves memory and aids in weight loss. However, omega- 3 which is found in fish oil capsules as well as in seeds and grains (for eg flax seeds and walnuts) is believed to also be a fantastic anxiety buster. We suggest eating a handful of omega 3 rich foods everyday because in addition to helping you stay calm and stress free, it also does wonders for your skin and health.




Vitamin C: Medical researchers love anything citrusy because studies have shown that just the mere sight or smell of citrus is enough to pep up one’s mood. That could be one reason why citrus fresheners are always in high demand. But here’s more good news- Vitamin C rich foods are great for the skin as well and give your immune system a good boost by keeping you safe and strong from flu causing viruses. If all you want is a quick pick-me-up, then keep an orange or lime handy in your room or in your handbag but if you’d like a healthy snack too, then enjoy at least one citrus fruit every day.




No to Fatty Foods: Sugary, fatty, food laden with preservatives, salty snacks and especially fried treats should be on your ‘Avoid’ list as they could enhance pre-wedding jitters. Such foods increase your weight, spike up your blood pressure and can cause depression as well once the initial high is over. Once you switch over to a diet that loves and nourishes your body from inside out, you will feel much healthier and also experience fewer mood swings. So, although saying no to a burger may be tough, it’s worth the effort!


In our next article, we take a look at how you can use a few relaxation techniques to your advantage so that pre-wedding jitters are kept at bay.







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