How to Handle Unexpected Guests at the Wedding

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You can plan everything in advance about your wedding day except one important thing: unexpected guests. Yes, wedding gatecrashers make the most unpredictable part of a wedding; we could say that they are even more unpredictable than monsoon rains! You never know who is going to turn up on the very day just to give you a surprise you weren’t quite prepared for. Well, problem is not if you have to welcome one or two such gatecrashers. Trouble is when the number of such surprise guests is a lot on the higher side.

Now, of course, you cannot show your guests, even if unexpected, the door literally. What to do then? Well, let us be your guide and share a few important tips with you which can help you tackle this situation like a pro-

Tips to Handle Unexpected Guests at Wedding

1. Accommodation: First thing first. Where and how to accommodate the unexpected guests is the primary thought that keeps on bothering the unprepared hosts. To have a backup plan ready to fall back on, all you need to do is book a few dorms or service apartments in advance. This way, even if the number of surprise visitors are more than expected, you will have someplace for them to stay comfortably. Naturally, we would like to believe that our wedding gatecrashers won’t expect you to book hotel suites for each one of them.

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2. Food: The next big issue is the food. Months before, when you gave your estimation to your wedding caterer you did not count these extras in.You also cannot ask them to double the amount suddenly. Instead, it’s  better to talk to your caterer in advance and ask them to prepare a little extra food for at least 20-30 people more than the estimated guest list.

3. Morning gatecrashers: Some are so eager to see you getting married; they show up really early on the wedding day. Now, if you don’t welcome them properly, they might end up getting upset and disappointed. Here’s the solution: keep some welcome drinks and breakfast ready for such unexpected morning guests. Coconut water, mint-infused drinks or tea and coffee with tasty Indian snacks can certainly do the trick.

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4. Transportation: Due to last minute arrangements and planning, your unexpected guests may not be staying at the same hotel with the hosts and other expected invitees. In such situations, transportation can become a serious issue. If all transportation arrangements are available only at the venue and the main hotel, be ready to face the wrath from these surprise guests. To avoid such misunderstanding, hire an extra car that will transport new guests only.

5. Absolute Strangers: Remember that scene from 3 Idiots where our three heroes gatecrashed a wedding? Right. It’s pretty common here in India. So, if you ever see faces at your wedding which are absolutely new to you, ask your near ones as well as someone from your husband’s family to make sure that you are not going to throw some invited guest out of the venue. Once you are sure that they are real gatecrashers, confront them, introduce yourself and ask them to introduce themselves too. Failing which they would no other option left but to leave your wedding at once.

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