Hazel-Yuvraj’s Must-See Pre-Wedding Photos!

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Actor Hazel Keech and cricketer Yuvraj Singh need no introduction. The soon to-be-married-couple met at a common friend’s party and a couple of dates later, there was a romantic proposal in Bali. Says Hazel: “Yuvraj arranged for a romantic dinner and totally surprised me with it!” The couple is planning a Hindu-Sikh wedding soon which we will surely present as soon as we get our hands on the pics. We are absolutely smitten by their awesome pre-wedding photos and simply had to share those with you.


Here is a pic of the couple having fun in Bali. Hazel shows off her brilliant engagement ring which we absolutely adore! The couple has not decided on the designers they will wear for the Big Day but one thing is for sure- we can expect the wedding to be an intimate affair with a grand reception and/or Sangeet.


Hazel and Yuvi have decided to honeymoon in a beach locale such as Bali, Hawaii or Bora Bora.

Here are their stunning pre-wedding photographs for a recent Harper Bazaar Bride magazine photo-shoot.

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Hazel’s secret to her glowing complexion: “Keep things simple. Always remove your makeup before bed, and moisturize twice a day”. She loves many things about Yuvraj and appreciates his small gestures of love such as personally picking her from the airport at 4 am.


Her advice for to-be-brides: Know what you and your fiancé want. There is no point getting hundreds of inputs from others. Disagreement will happen but you two should always stand together as a team.


Hazel Yuvraj pre-wedding snaps

Images: IndiaToday and IndiaTimes.

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