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Health and happiness go hand in hand. And with changing dynamics in urban India, healthy relations foster health and happiness. A wedding is a great occasion for two different people to come closer. And along with it comes the coming together of two families with versatile personalities. It’s a balancing act for a new bride to adjust in a new home.

With changing dynamics within an Indian family, the daughter in law needs to keep certain things in mind while dealing with her in laws. This goes true for the son in law as well. Your spouse’s family is now your extended family, and moulding your life around them is imperative. A few tips on this aspect will help you strengthen your bond with your in laws.

Gone are the days when a bride had to adjust into a mammoth family consisting of n number of family members. However with a nuclear family set up where an only son or an only daughter is the twinkle of the eye, things can take a dramatic turn when he or she enters the new household. Aspirations and expectations from the new member do tend to be on the upper side, but a few watchful steps on this double edged sword is the key to a blissful matrimony.

Be yourself
Some do’s n don’ts for a cordial relationship…

  • It’s your home so don’t treat yourself as a guest in the new home. Don’t be indifferent.
  • Getting up on time is a golden rule you must follow.
  • Every family has a set of unwritten rules to follow. Ask your spouse about the general principles that are followed in the family.
  • You need not make your spouse your mouth piece for every small thing to be told in the house.

Be cordial


  • Speak for yourself. Be open to suggestions.
  • Be soft and tolerant. Accept and act. Impulsive outbursts will do no good.
  • Have patience. Let it not be my family or your family; make it our family.
  • Be yourself. But then that doesn’t mean you stay resembles your hostel stay. After all certain rules are followed in the hostel too.
  • An arranged or a love marriage calls for better understanding with your family members. Be cordial.

Aishwarya Rai with her in laws

  •  Accept that things will be different and may change for the better.
  • Mutual understanding and genuine interest in making things work should earn you brownie points as a newlywed.
  • Dress according to the occasion. Poor dressing sense can be a big turn off. You can always make things easier if you discuss the dress code with your mother in law before hand.
  • Drawing parallels and constant comparisons will put you in bad light. Harping on the negatives of somebody or something is a strict no no.

Following these basic ground rules will team you well with your in laws. Trust begets trust, and therefore maintain positive relationships with your in laws.

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