Here’s How NOT To Annoy Your Wedding Guests

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You’ve spent plenty of money and time on planning your wedding perfectly and all you hope is that your wedding guests who come can appreciate all the effort that has gone into creating your special wedding day. But have you seriously given a thought to the little gestures that your guests are sure to appreciate and the little things that are likely to irritate them? Wedding are hardly ever perfect and one guest’s idea of the perfect wedding is certain to differ from another’s but there are some important details you can take care of at your end so that your guests leave the venue with a smile:


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Inform them about your social media ban:

Asking your guests to get 100% involved in your wedding by leaving behind their cell phones is certainly not easy although this is a trend that is catching up all over the world in a big way.  What’s the best way to avoid grumpy wedding guests on your wedding day? By informing them that social media updates are unwelcome on your special day, at least when you invite them for the wedding. Giving each wedding guest a call a few days before the ceremony and reminding them again is a gracious thing to do and you can be sure that your guests will adhere to your ‘ no social media’ rule. Just avoid dropping that bomb on D-day itself.


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 Make sure there’s enough food for every guest:

Not that we mean to sound greedy, but we Indians love our food and weddings are always the perfect occasion to forget calories and indulge. A pet peeve of wedding guests is that the best dishes on the menu usually get over fast and caterers don’t replenish them fast enough. Or, they dish out mini portions when a guest actually wants a bigger one. Be honest while discussing the number of expected guests at your wedding with the caterer and ask the food servers to either let wedding guests serve themselves or to dish out generous portions. Meanwhile, put up a placard or two at the buffet counters asking wedding guests to do their part in reducing food wastage.


Image courtesy Bhaven Jani

Avoid having too many programmes between the ceremony and reception

Wedding guests look forward to having a good time at the wedding but when speeches, toasts and other little programmes stretch on forever, it does test one’s patience. One of the best ways to avoid this scenario is to chalk out the events beforehand itself and time them so that you know exactly how long it will take before everybody can begin socialising. Weddings are usually a great time for cousins and family members to display their talents but restricting the number of performances would be a good idea to put into practice.

Stay prepared for unpredictable weather

Going by the increase in the number of garden and outdoor venue weddings that are taking place in India, it’s no secret that wedding planners are enjoying putting their creativity to the test. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be prepared for a sudden turn in the weather either. Check the weather report and if there is any hint of looming showers, ensure that ready to set up tents are close at hand. Or book an indoor hall as well so that your guests do not get wet and spoil their clothes. Even with an outdoor setting, fans should be set up so that the wedding guests feel comfortable at all times.

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