Honeymoon in Lakshadweep: 10 Things You Must Pack

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Lakshadweep, a lesser known island destination thatgives tough competition to the islands of Mauritius or Maldives, is fast emerging as one of the most desired honeymoon destinations in India. Though not open to foreign tourists except one particular island, Bangaram, honeymoon in Lakshadweep with its virgin beaches, coral reefs and blue lagoons, can be extremely fascinating for newlyweds. So, if you are planning to escape to this dreamy world of fun, thrill, excitement and prized solitude, here’s all you need to know about what to pack-

1. Covered clothes: Well, though it may sound a bit medieval, but you have to be aware of this local custom before stepping onto the island region. Being inhabited by people who believe in their traditions and customs, Lakshadweep is a place where it’s advised to wear proper clothes. ‘Proper’ meaning clothes which are not revealing (to avoid undesired attention of the locals).

2. Light Cotton clothes: Lakshadweep, throughout the year, has a pleasant weather. So, carry light cotton garments for the daytime and a couple of gorgeous ethnic dresses (which might be a bit heavy when the sun is up), for the breezy and cool evenings.

Lakshwadeep honeymoon- what to pack

3. Raincoat: These are needed if you are going for a honeymoon in monsoon. Lakshadweep receives heavy rainfall from May to September. Though tourism remains mostly closed as the ships cannot ferry tourists due to weather, one can get onto the islands by helicopter. So, for the heavy showers and windy weather, pack a couple of raincoats in your bag. Carry waterproof shoes and slippers as well.

4. Hats and sunglasses: For the rest of the seasons, the sun shines really bright . Couple this with the blinding white sands and you know why you need your shades and goggles. Hats for your romantic walks and times spent in the heavenly beautiful beaches are a must have as well.

5. Personal stuffs: Pack your medicines, accessories, beauty and makeup stuff as well as other essential personal items (note that the local shops rarely sell exclusive brands).

6. Sunscreen: The shallow yet unimaginably beautiful lagoons are ideal to look at while lying on the beach and enjoying cozy moments with your honey. Naturally, you do not want to get a sunburn, so do carry a large bottle of sunscreen with you.

7. Swimwear: Lakshadweep is pretty famous for its water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, boating, canoeing and so on. There’s nothing like trying these adventure sports with your beloved on your honeymoon. You will also need swimwear for swimming in the hotel pools.

8. Swimming gear: If you and/or your spouse already have these, do carry them along. Of course, you could also rent them on the spot, but it’s always convenient to carry your own.


9. RomComs: Since Lakshadweep does not offer much of a nightlife, we recommend watching favourite rom-coms on your laptop.

10. Flip flops: Last but not least, carry some colourful flip flops for the romantic beach-walks.

Lakshadweep is all you two need for spending some quality time with your beloved after a hectic wedding. We hope you enjoy this splendid location with turquoise waters and pristine sands.

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