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Indian weddings are renowned for starting late in the morning and then wrapping up sometime just before lunch, with a reception to follow at night. But, if you would like to add the right amount of quirk to your wedding then how about opting for a brunch wedding instead? It’s certain to be lots of fun and most importantly, it won’t make a dent in your wedding budget either.


So what exactly is brunch? As you may have guessed, the word itself is a combination of two separate words- ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’. Brunches usually start late in the morning and can go up all the way to 3 pm in the afternoon. Brunch weddings give couples who would prefer an intimate gathering as opposed to calling a huge crowd, plenty of space to get as creative as they want to be. Not to forget that since you wouldn’t be spending a lot on proper formal dining, you also get to cut down on unnecessary food expenses.


Setting up a cocktail bar is often a nightmare for the couple about to say their vows because saying no to a guest is quite hard irrespective of the number of drinks he or she may have already had. For your brunch wedding, serve a few select wines or beer and add a desi touch with thick churned Masala lassi, fruit lassi, rose sherbet and fruit squashes. Since it’s early morning, we’re quite sure that your guests won’t mind having to make do without a customary toast!


The food served doesn’t need to be heavy and doused in tons of ghee or cream. You could choose to set up a salad table and keep the main course simple and delicious. Instead of opting for heavy curries which may be difficult to enjoy in the early afternoon, go with grills, kebabs and continental dishes like pastas which are light on the tummy and oh so yummy! Don’t forget your appetisers and finger food options either.


Do you really want a huge 4 tiered brunch wedding cake when you can have pretty little cupcakes, macaroons or even a fruit cake instead? We say that staying away from anything that could give you an eyesore is wise and anything that has lashings of fruit in it gets a thumbs up from us. Berries and mixed fruits are always good flavours to go with and somehow they’re everybody’s favourites. Go easy on the fondant and opt for fresh cream cake instead.

We will be back with the second part of our article on brunch weddings next week. Stay tuned!

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