Hot and Trending- Brunch Weddings Part 2

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We hope you enjoyed reading our first article on brunch weddings. We’re back with more reasons why a brunch wedding is an idea that’s worth some serious thought:


Brunch weddings are a perfect reason to have a late breakfast with your guests. I mean just think of the number of delicious breakfast options you could lay out for your guests. Go for an all Indian shuddh breakfast with dishes that feature the best of all four corners of India. Or you could even add in a touch of Continental for more variety. If you’re itching to do something more unique and that’ll be talked about for a long time to come, how about setting up a coffee and a tea bar with a barista who will whip up delicious liquid concoctions that put a smile on each guest’s face? I mean, what could get better than a creamy, frothy expresso with cocoa dust, anytime in the morning?


Here’s another reason why you can’t say no to a brunch wedding- it’ll give you the kind of intimate cosy wedding setting you have always wanted. It’s not unusual for couples to opt for long wooden tables for guests or for smaller tables which allow ease of conversation and plenty of informal dining. Digging into healthy crunchy dishes and having a great partner to converse with takes the wedding experience of a guest to a different level altogether; not to forget they’ll only have nice things to say about how the whole ceremony turned out to be as well.


Vintage, outdoor and garden themed weddings made an appearance last year but looks like these themes are quite popular this year too. A brunch wedding fits in perfectly with an outdoor theme and is a great way to save money as well because you can use the natural surroundings at the venue itself in different ways. Hand coloured ribbons streaming from trees, bright lanterns hung from branches and little poesies tied in bunches throughout the venue are certain to look gorgeous. Do consider keeping sun umbrellas in the seating area so that the guests do not feel uncomfortable at any point of time.

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