Hot Bridal Lingerie- Part 2

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In the second part of our article on Hot bridal lingerie, we take a look at :



Chemises: The word ‘chemise’ is actually French and is used to refer to a ‘shirt’. But of course, we aren’t asking you to wear a shirt to bed! In today’s modern dictionary, a chemise is a loose fitting undergarment that is generally sleeveless and is worn under one’s outerwear. If the material is much finer, it can also be worn to bed. In India particularly, it’s not uncommon for girls and women to wear a cotton chemise under their clothes even during the day. Most chemises don’t have any buttons or Velcro fasteners and one is worn by slipping it over the head. Think of it as hot bridal lingerie that doesn’t compromise on the comfort aspect.



Camisoles: A camisole is also a sleeveless undergarment which can be paired with light coloured outerwear for total coverage. Camisoles are available in so many shades and nearly all of them will have thin spaghetti straps as well. Camisoles are quite short in length when compared with chemises and most of the times, you’ll find that it exposes your midriff too. Since they’re available in a wide range of fabric such as lycra (for a shapely fit) as well as in satin and silk, we’d suggest stocking up on some really sexy shades. When paired with an undergarment of the same shade, camisoles can look so sensuous undeniably making them a must- have hot bridal lingerie.



Babydolls: Don’t be fooled into thinking that babydolls are only meant for youngsters, because they can be worn any woman who wants a cute n sexy look. Trust us, no matter how young or old you are, these little garments can make you look very sexy. Babydolls are really short nightgowns with a loose skirt that extend no further than the mid thigh and are sleeveless but have thin spaghetti straps. These are usually available in silk, chiffon and satin and are designed with sweet trimmings like soft lace, ruffles, bows and ribbons. If you’d prefer to show off a good cleavage, then opt for a babydoll with bra cups instead.



Teddies: This is one hot bridal lingerie piece that’s only for the really daring. A teddy is also called a camiknicker because it combines the dual roles of a camisole and a pair of knickers in one. In other words, it’s like wearing a one-piece swimsuit, because you need to step into the leg holes and then pull the garment upwards. Most teddies have defined bra cups and are available in so many materials. For a knockout look, choose a teddy with lace for the bra cups and for the crotch. If you really want to show off your figure, don’t think twice about picking up a few teddies for your lingerie collection!

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