How to Choose a Wedding Saree – Part 2

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It’s not unusual for Indian women to pick a saree based on their skin tone or colour of their complexion.  After all, you would want the colour of the saree you choose to complement your skin colour and accessories without making you look gaudy or overdone. While choosing the colour of your wedding saree and any other outfits for the occasion, do keep in mind that you will be wearing bridal makeup and also that you will be in the full glare of harsh camera lights as well.


While certain shades may appear to have a different hue when the cameras are focused on you, it’s also possible that sarees with zari work and stone embellished sarees may also appear to be glitterier then. If you want to leave no stone unturned in finding the perfect shade for your special day, wearing minimal makeup and wearing your jewellery at the time of saree shopping, will help you to put together your outfit ensemble better.

Dusky Complexions: A dusky complexion is something to be proud of because the very word has become synonymous with Indians on the whole. And if you have glowing dusky skin, then the best way to celebrate such beauty is by choosing colours that pop. Think bright and vibrant shades like orange, royal blue, fuchsia pink or combination shades like maroon & green. If you would rather keep it simple, then stick to earthy tones, neutral colours or even warm golden hues. When teamed up with the right jewellery, you’ll look gorgeous.


Wheatish Complexion: If you choose the right shades for your skin, you’re guaranteed to look just like a celebrity yourself. Take a closer look at some of the hottest Bollywood celebs and you’d notice that under all the heavy makeup, many of them have a wheatish complexion but it’s the right combination of makeup + jewellery + saree colour +saree that make them appear so attractive in the first place. Say no to shades that make your skin appear dull and avoid colours that make your skin look darker. Muted colours like white, sky blue and baby pink for the day time would make you look lovely whereas darker shades for the night would work well.


Fair Skin: The advantage of having a fair or light coloured complexion is that you have a wider spectrum of colours to play with. Both muted and dark shades sit well on women with fair skin but the trick is to make sure you don’t choose anything outlandish to wear and that you keep your makeup simple as those camera lights could seriously alter your appearance. Even muted pastel shades like cream, peach, baby pink and butter yellow with elaborate zari work can transform you into a very elegant bride.


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