How to Choose a Wedding Saree- Part 4

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In this concluding article, we give you a few ‘must-know’ tips so that you get the most out of any wedding saree you choose, and of course look drop dead gorgeous in it too.

A sexy blouse


So much of attention and fuss is made about the wedding saree, that very often the humble choli or blouse goes unnoticed. But make no mistake- a well-cut and fitting saree blouse can do wonders for your overall appeal and for your figure as well. With regard to blouse patterns, cuts and designs, you’ll find that the sky is really the limit in terms of options to choose from. In fact, you can add more zing to your blouse simply by adding on some embellishments like sequins, stones, lace, beads or even get some professional embroidery work done on the sleeves and back. Make sure that you choose a saree which comes with unstitched choli material, so that you can wear a truly trendy blouse!


Saree Embellishments


A big, fat Indian wedding would not be complete if the bride wore a simple wedding saree or a pastel coloured ghagra choli for the reception. Yes, the right embroidery work and embellishments can add a touch of sparkle and glamour to your attire but when it’s overdone, the effect can be just the very opposite. Also, keep in mind that the more the embellishments, the heavier the garment is likely to be. Almost everyone will have at least one horror story to narrate about a bride whose wedding attire was so dazzling that just looking at her caused immense eye strain- don’t let that bride be you!

Style of Draping the Saree


Almost every state in India has a unique way of draping the humble saree and it’s difficult to decide which style is the best. Most brides prefer the conventional style of draping a saree for the wedding ceremony as well as for other functions and  are content to let the pallu fall over one arm for the wedding reception. Did you know that the way you drape a saree also plays a part in making you appear slim or bulky? So, although imitating the latest saree draping trend may add a very modern touch to your ensemble, it may not suit you at all. Stick with what works best for your height and figure! Every girl loves to shop till she drops, and as you put together your own wedding trousseau, here’s wishing you all the best in finding the perfect wedding attire!

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