How To Deal With His Bachelor Party

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So now that your groom’s best friend is busy planning the destination bachelor party, you’re surprised that your groom hasn’t actually spoken much about the party itself to you. And before you know it, alarm bells are ringing in your head and you feel that he is being insensitive by openly showing his excitement at the thought of a bachelor party in the first place! After all, aren’t such parties all about specifically ‘those’ kind of things you know you both will never talk about face to face?

We thought that it’s only fair that you should steel yourself in case a bachelor party is on the cards and the best way to go about being a graceful bride and an understanding partner is by staying calm and keeping an open mind. We answer a few of your questions:


Why have a bachelor party at all?

This is the most common question on every bride’s mind. If a bachelor party is all about bonding and spending time with close friends, then why does suggesting that the groom and his pals head off to the hills or have a nice lunch at the club sound like you’re being the spoilsport? Well, for starters, both guys and girls think of a bachelor party differently. While the guys are happy to get away to a holiday spot and spent time unhindered with friends, girls think of a bachelor party as a guy’s perfect excuse for doing all those things he isn’t supposed to do after marriage.

Let’s say that a bachelor party is a groom’s way of letting his hair down and is also a way to let his pals know that marriage isn’t going to change anything between them. Besides, it’s a great way to create memories that hold a special place for life.


Can’t he understand that I’m not comfortable with it?

By putting a leash on your groom and telling him what he can and can’t do, you’re already setting up a shaky base for your marriage that’s just around the corner. And don’t forget- when you tell your groom that you aren’t comfortable with a bachelor party being arranged by his friends, you’re unconsciously also sending out a message that you don’t trust him and you don’t think much of his friends either. Both of these messages aren’t going to go down well with your groom because let’s face it, no guy wants to be told that he is untrustworthy and so are his friends.

Do not put your groom in a situation where he has to choose between you and his gang of guys who he has probably known for longer. What you can do however is to encourage him to have a good time and to tell him that you know he will behave responsibly and not end up doing anything that would make you sad. You can bet that you groom will have ‘responsible fun’ even when you’re not around.

We’ll be back with more tips on how every bride can deal with a bachelor party without ruining anybody’s mood so stay tuned!

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