How To Dress For Your Pre-wedding Photo-shoot: 7 Ideas!

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Many couples are known to opt for a pre-wedding photo-shoot these days and most wonder what they should wear for it. If this is a situation you are finding yourself in; read on. We have the answer for you!

1.     Wear something timeless

Instead of going in for trends, just wear something that you are comfortable in and that can remain etched in your memories forever. A sari, an anarkali suit are timeless attires and you simply cannot go wrong with them. If you find these too traditional for your taste, go in for a simple Chudidar-Kurta/Kurti or even a Kurti with jeans or a skirt. In short: wear something you know you look good in or have received many compliments for.

how to dress right for a pre-wedding photo-shoot session

Image: Camera Crew

2.     Coordinate with each other

Be careful though: there is a fine line between coordinating and matching. You certainly do not want to match your dress with your to-be spouse. Select a basic color palette which could be a neutral palette having pops of bright colours. You might for example, wear a light brown hat and your fiancé could use the same colour in his tie, vest or shirt etc.

how to dress for pre wedding shoot

Image: Dreamcatchers Photography

3.     Play with the patterns

Photographers especially recommend playing with textures and patterns in the clothing selected for the pre-wedding photo-shoot. For example, you could wear a patterned dress while your fiancé can wear simple and clean plain shirt and trousers/jeans.

how to dress for a pre-wedding photo-shoot

Image: Dhanika Choksi

4.     Accessorise

Scarves, hats, shoes, flowers-go ahead and think outside the box. All these props can take the ‘ho-hum’ out of your pre-wedding photos. It is very important not to over-accessorise though, as that can take away the attention from you and your fiancé. What you can do is select an accent colour so that your plain/solid clothes bring out that burst of colour used in the accessories. Another advantage of using accessories is that you can use them as props ; you could grab the lapels of your fiancé’s vest/jacket pulling him closer for a kiss or  wrap your scarves or stoles in a different way for each photograph.

how to select a dress for a pre wedding photography session

Image: Camera Crew

5.     Choose the location wisely

Your location plays an important role in highlighting the colours/dresses you use for your shoot. The location should ideally tell your love story and you could also include props and accessories to help you tell your tale. An example: an umbrella on the boat ride in a lake or backwater or a simple blanket and picnic basket in an outdoor garden pre-wedding photo-shoot. It is also a great idea to wear traditional Indian wear against the backdrop of a foreign location and vice a versa.

how to dress for a pre-wedding photo-shoot

Image: Fotoskarma

6.     Spend some time on your hair and makeup

Your pre-wedding photographs are going to be your best keepsakes of the most romantic period in your life. So do take the time and spend some efforts on your hair and makeup. If needed, get them done professionally. Even if you do not have the time to go to a salon, use some DIY styling tools to make your hair look shiny. Use a good lipstick that stands out in photos. Apply some eye makeup and use a good quality foundation to hide blemishes.

how to dress for a pre-wedding photo shoot session

Image: K Vinayak Photography

7.     Select good shoes

Your shoes will definitely be seen in your photos. Wear a nice pair of shoes that match your attire. Do not wear ones that clash with the outfit: sports shoes with formal shirt are a strict no-no. Girls: go in for heels but ensure you are comfortable wearing them. Guys can go in for black or brown formal shoes.

To summarise

Here is a brief recap of how to dress for a pre-wedding photo-shoot session:

  • Wear something timeless.
  • Colour-coordinate wisely with your partner
  • Accessorise well
  • Play with textures and patterns
  • Choose your location wisely
  • Pay attention to your hair and makeup
  • Wear comfortable shoes that match your outfit.

Photographers or brides: Have any other pre-wedding photo-shoot ideas? Let us know in comments below!

Main Image: Sandeep Gadhvi Photography

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