How to Find a Destination Wedding Photographer

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If you plan to have a destination wedding, be prepared for lots of fun, surprises and a completely novel experience. However, considering that your wedding may be taking place on foreign shores and you would like to have an album of memories to bring back home, how do you make preparations to ensure that your wedding photography isn’t hampered in any way?



The first option at hand is to take your photographer with you to your destination wedding. Assuming that you have already narrowed down your options to a few local freelance photographers or studios, the next thing you need to find out is if they are willing to fly to a different destination for your wedding. This can be really expensive because you would also have to cover their travel expenses (airfare too), accommodation as well as any other expenses that may arise as a part of their job. In case, your preferred photographer works with an assistant, you would also have to pay for the assistant’s expenses as well.


If you prefer to fly in your own photographer, then you also need to find out if your photographer will need a work permit in order to cover your wedding professionally. There is no hard and fast rule for this as each country has its own set of regulations in this regard. Secondly, do not forget that application for a visa also needs to be made for well in advance, in order to avoid last minute disappointments.


If stressing about a wedding photographer is the last thing you want to do before your big day, then why not ask your wedding planner to suggest a local wedding photographer who knows your chosen destination well and who also has a good portfolio to show? Considering that wedding planners often work with local vendors quite closely, they will be able to suggest some really good professionals who fit your budget too.


Don’t have a wedding planner? Then ask the resort or hotel where you plan to hold your wedding to help you in this regard. Well established resorts and hotels usually have their own in-house photographer as well as contacts of freelance photographers who can be hired on an hourly basis. In fact, if you plan to sign up for a wedding package at the resort, ask the manager to include the services of a wedding photographer as well. Quality wedding photographs that document the ceremonies should take precedence over a stringent budget.

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