How To Handle Awkward Wedding Planning Moments

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We’ve often said that wedding planning is often a bittersweet experience for many couples. Even if you had a wedding planner who has graciously accepted to take over planning the entire event for you, you can expect to have a few disagreements every now and then. Or you may have to confront a family member for what you know, is not going to be a very pleasant face to face conversation. On the flip side, even if you do have that conversation, it’s equally important to be nice about it because you will have to see that family member again, long after the wedding ceremony is over. So, how do you handle such awkward wedding planning moments? In this two part article, we dish out advice that you’ll find ultra useful:


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Not able to get along with your wedding planner:

Wedding planners can sometimes be quite tough to work with. On one hand they are responsible for bringing your dream wedding to life and on the other, they have to ensure that safety and logistics are also taken care of. This could lead to situations where she or he may not see eye to eye with you on a range of issues. However, instead of adamantly sticking on to what you may think is a great idea, it’s important to respect the suggestions and experience that your wedding planner has.

For example, you may want to place a 1000 candles at various spots in the reception hall because you once saw a dreamy photograph in a magazine. Your wedding planner may not be for it because of the immense heat that will be generated and also due to other safety concerns which could become a hazard for the rest of the guests. The best way to approach a wedding planner is to list out a few ideas of your own and to then discuss it with her. If you find yourself still clashing with the wedding planner on other points, then changing your planner may be a wise decision. This is one awkward wedding planning moment you can easily handle with patience and grace.


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Disagreements with your future mother-in-law

The saas-bahu equation in Indian society has always borne the brunt of much amusement. A conniving mothers in law pitched against an equally scheming daughter in law may be a funny story to hear about as long somebody else is being spoken about. Here’s where the problem about disagreeing with your future mother-in-law lies- on one hand you don’t want to say yes for something you feel a very strong ‘no’ about and on the other hand, you don’t want to come across as being disrespectful and begin a relationship on the wrong foot.

When it comes to your mother-in-law, it’s important to pick and choose your battles. The second part you need to pay attention to is to understand that if your future in laws are funding the wedding, then it is only natural for them to assume that they have a bigger say in the wedding planning. However, if you are entirely sure about your ideas, share your opinions with your fiancé first and get him to talk to his parents about implementing a few of your ideas. But under no circumstances, should you let his mother feel that her opinions are not being heard out as you feel they are outdated or not trendy. And who knows, your future mother in law may have a great idea or two that you wish you had thought of first!

The second part of our article on awkward wedding planning is just around the corner. Write in to us with your feedback and comments.

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