How to Make Comfortable Wedding Arrangements for Out-of-Town Guests

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Being a citizen of the global village, we all have our families spread across countries and continents and states.  Rather, it would be quite a rare case if someone has all her/his relatives and friends living down the road. So, it is obvious that the number of out-of-town guests in your wedding will be significant. When they are travelling to your place, taking time off from their work, the least you can do for them is  ensure they are taken good care of. While some prefer to pay for their out-of-town guests’ accommodation costs, others find ways to offer their guests maximum comfort. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you in making comfortable wedding arrangements for your guests who are coming from outside.

1. List of Hotels

Footing the bill of the out-of-town guests may not be possible for everybody, neither it is the responsibility of the couple or the families. If it is within your budget then the problem is solved. If it is not, then you can help them by creating a list of available accommodations near the venue. You can create three different lists of luxury, moderate and budget hotels, and send this list along with the wedding invitation card.

2. Wedding Itinerary

Create a complete wedding itinerary starting from Mehendi or Sangeet till the reception. It will help your out-of-town guests plan their holiday accordingly. As they will be travelling to your city, they may want to explore its shoppers’ joints etc. during their free time. Again, attach the itinerary with the wedding card.

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3. Best Car Rental Deals

Once again, it might shoot up your wedding budget if you plan to pay for the car rents for your guests . What you can do to save is check out the best deals and packages at the local car rentals and give out this information to the guests before their arrival.

4. Surprise Welcome Treats

Nothing can be more welcoming to wedding guests than surprise treats. These can be small gift packs or a gift hampers or expensive outfits; anything will do. Just let your creative side take over this time.

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5. Best Places to Visit

Help them getting around when there’s nothing much to do in the wedding. Say, you have the Mehendi ceremony in the evening. So, instead of getting bored the entire morning, you can suggest them to explore the town or the nearby tourist attractions. Hand them over a list of the best shopping destinations, food joints, city attractions etc upon their arrival. Let them as much memories as possible in your wedding.

6. VIP Treatment

Often, the out-of-town guests feel left alone. So, try to make them feel as special as possible. Introduce them to your families and friends, and see them bonding over the Sangeet dinner. Ask for their opinions and they will feel loved.

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7. Spend Quality Time

It’s your wedding but they have travelled miles to bless you or share your happiness. Hence, try to get some time out of your wedding schedule to catch up with them.

8. Engage Them in the Wedding

While all the necessary wedding arrangements are done, do not forget to engage your out-of-town guests in your Big day. Bring them to the dance rehearsals, make them dance and sing, make them laugh. They are going to love you for this.

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