How to Make Your Fall Wedding Really Special!

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Even though summer is always primetime for wedding season, so is fall. With fall around the corner, we can expect to see many weddings about to be taking place. Whether you’re in the middle of planning your own wedding ceremony or are helping your friends plan theirs, here are some ways to make a fall wedding extra special and one that’ll be remembered for a lifetime.

Add in a Photo Booth 

With social media and selfies being as popular as ever, weddings are the perfect event for taking that amazing Instagram or new profile picture you’ve been wanting. If you want your guests to have extra fun at your wedding, add in a colorful photo booth or backdrop perfect for your guests to take their favorite pictures. An added touch would be adding in fun and festive props for your guests to use as well. The props can be related to your wedding theme, can be Fall inspired or just fun and silly ones that your guests will enjoy using.

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Add Even More Color into Your Look 

If there are a few things we know about Indian weddings, it’s that every bride wants to look only as beautiful as possible and that wedding ceremonies are always extremely colorful events. We can expect to see bold colors all around us such as reds, blues, golds, and others but there are ways to add even more color into your wedding day look! You can do this by adding more color either into your makeup and/or hair. If you’ve always been a fan of makeup, add in extra color into your look with a bold eyeshadow color, brightly colored lip or even a different colored eyeliner such as blue, gold, or purple. The same can go for your hair. If you want your hair or sections of your hair to match or contrast with your sari, apply hair color to your tresses for a stand-out look! However, you decide to go about adding in more color, doing so will make your wedding outfit extra unique.

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Share Your Love Story 

Do you and your partner have a love story for the ages? Do something extra special and unique and share your love story with your guests. This can be on a storyboard, can be imprinted on cocktail napkins or through a book. Sharing the most romantic and intimate details of your love story will really stand out to your guests, have them possibly find out new information about your relationship and will be something they’ll admire for years to come.

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Ask for Advice 

Whether you’re planning or not planning on having a guestbook, asking your wedding guests for marriage advice is a great way to have your guests involved and share their most important lessons learned from marriage and previous relationships. You can have your guests list their advice in a book, write note cards or perhaps put them on a poster board. However you decide to have your guests input, marriage will certainly come with its share of ups and downs and having the advice to turn to will only help for your future together.

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