How To Plan A Small Indian Wedding

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A huge guest list is synonymous with an Indian wedding. It doesn’t matter if you have actually met the person just twice in your life, but even then there’s a good chance that his or her name will also be added to a growing guest list. But what if you don’t want a huge Indian wedding and you’re happy to host just a small ceremony but one that is very meaningful and close to your heart? Is it possible to have a small gathering come together to celebrate a real Indian wedding? What if we told you yes? Here’s what you need to do:

Think about a destination wedding

Would it surprise you if we told you that many Indian couples are considering getting married on foreign shores just so that they can cut down their guest list almost by 70%? That’s one of the best things about having a destination wedding- that only the ones who really matter will actually make and take time to be there for you and with you as you say your vows. And no, nobody will make any snide comments about not being invited either!

small indian wedding

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A small venue is worth considering

In countries like Europe, getting married at home is often considered a very sweet gesture especially because a bride will be leaving her parental home for her new one. In India, however, having an Indian wedding at home isn’t a trend that has actually caught on. But if you are certain that you don’t just want anybody to be there at your wedding, then considering a small venue like a city hall, a relative’s house or even your own will be worth it. Think of the expenses you can save on besides the intimacy of the ceremony itself.

small indian wedding

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Call only your relatives

Sure, you may be very keen on calling your friends too but exactly how do you decide which friend is more important than the other? If your girl group meet often and you feel that this could lead to friction within the group, it makes sense to either call all of them or not to at all. This way, nobody gets offended and the same rule should apply to your husband’s gang of boys too. How about inviting only family members over for the wedding ceremony instead? That way, all those who matter will be there and since it is a small gathering anyways, it makes room for better conversation and longer lasting memories.

small indian wedding

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Don’t be scared of having a DIY wedding because you think that there is so much of work that you will need to do. A DIY wedding becomes a more serious responsibility to undertake when the guest list is a huge one too. On the other hand, planning a small wedding is plenty of fun because you truly get to put your dreams into action. From deciding the overall colours of the theme to the flowers and the food, going DIY gives you greater control over every aspect of wedding planning.

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