How to Select Gifts for a Bridal Shower

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Gone are those days when bridal showers used to be planned to prepare the bride for her new life by showering her with all sort of kitchen items and home necessities. Let’s push the fast forward button as we are here, in the 21st century, where every household is already well-equipped with kitchen gadgets and furniture . It is no wonder that, today’s bridal showers are directed at teasing as well as pleasing the bride with romantic or naughty stuff along with fun games. Still; picking the right gift for a bridal shower in India can be a daunting task for many. We assume that, since you are already reading this article, you might also be facing the same issue. Worry not! Let’s master the art of selecting the right gifts for an Indian bridal shower-

1. Consider your relation with the bride

One of the most important factors in bridal shower gifts’ selection is your relation with the bride. Is she your BFF or classmate, batchmate, colleague, cousin, sister or just a neighbour? Because it may be absolutely okay to buy intimate apparel for your BFF on her bridal shower, the same gift article may not be suitable for your new colleague or a distant cousin with whom you have hardly spent any time.

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2. Something that matches her personality

If she is a total sport then you are free to experiment with the gifts. Whether it is intimate apparel or sensual fragrance, she will be more than excited upon receiving such gifts. But, the same cannot be said about a bride who is very shy or tends to feel uncomfortable in such situations. Thus, the personality of the bride matters a lot when choosing the suitable bridal shower gifts.

3. Consider common bridal shower etiquette

People often want to know is it mandatory to bring gifts on bridal showers, when they may be already giving a wedding gift as well. he answer is, yes. If you are attending a bridal shower, you have to bring a gift. Maybe, you are also invited in the mehendi, sangeet etc, but, bridal shower needs a separate gift.

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4. Your budget

Well, this is the second most important things to consider while choosing gifts for a bridal shower in India. Everything else comes later. Also, you can combine the wedding gift with the bridal shower gift. For example, you can gift a robe that matches the dress material or suit that you have bought as her wedding gift. Or, maybe, something even more thoughtful that works better in pairs.

5. Bridal Shower Vs. Bachelorette Party

People often confuse bridal shower with bachelorette party. You might like to read this article about Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party to clear the confusion. The bottomline is that while bachelorette party is more fun, casual and calls for wild experiments, bridal shower is more of a traditional occasion with certain limitations on the fun part.

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7. It’s just may be okay to consult her first

This is extremely important in case you are planning to go for intimate clothing or something naughty as your gifts for bridal shower in India. If you think the gift is too out-of-the-box, consult beforehand with the bride or one of her close friends.

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