How To Stay Focused While Wedding Planning

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You knew exactly how you wanted your wedding to be and you had every little details sketched, drafted and planned in your head but now that the wedding planning is happening for real, you find that you’re going to pieces instead of behaving like the boss in control. Relax! You’ll find that there are plenty of other brides who feel just the same way as you and honestly, it does get difficult not to be swayed by all those pretty details especially since trends keep changing all the time. But here’s the deal- you do not need to feel like your wedding ceremony is going to be a drag on D-Day because you can get back on track just by reading and putting our tips into practice:


Know when to reach out for a planner

DIY weddings are undoubtedly budget friendly but if you find that you are unable to deal with 50 vendors all at once and still have every hair stylishly put in place, then maybe a wedding planner is the answer to your woes. And wipe away any feeling of self-doubt or irritation just because you needed to call in an expert and your neighbour’s daughter didn’t have to. What matters more- taking part in an unhealthy ‘my-wedding-is-better-than-yours’ competition or enjoying your bachelorette days before you get hitched?


Maintain a planner

Nobody is perfect and although you may the perfect wedding blueprint firmly etched in your mind, there’s always the chance of slipping and making mistakes. By maintaining a daily planner which helps you stay on top of matters, you eliminate unwanted stress and you also get a clearer idea of all the tasks that are yet to be done. Break down your tasks by doing a reverse countdown.


Dance, paint, read

It is your wedding but that doesn’t mean you should be thinking only about that one day. Make time for yourself, for the hobbies you enjoy and also for friends and family. You’ll find that an hour at the gym works wonders for your mind and body. Besides a little wine and a good book never killed anybody! Oh and why not ask your fiancé to accompany you to that movie you’ve been dying to watch or to take you out for a quiet romantic dinner?

Let Go

Yes, not even the world’s best wedding planner can prevent a cloudburst or a sudden heatwave from happening if it has to. On a more realistic front, it’s only natural to be worried about whether an uncle or two may do an impromptu dance, if you plan on serving alcohol at the reception. But, those are all figurative matters and stressing about them weeks before the wedding makes no sense at all. So, learn to let go.

We hope you enjoyed our article on how to stay focused on the more important aspects of wedding planning. Write in to us with your comments and feedback.

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