Guest Post: Ideas for Wedding Bouquets in Every Season

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Each season has its special beauty and  unique climate. Different flowers, plants, and elements of nature have their moment of glory in every season. As winter gives rise to bright flowers, spring is an explosion of life and colors. Summer is for those who enjoy consensual flowers bloom, while fall is ideal for those who prefer flowers bloom a little later. Therefore, every season has something special to offer for your bridal bouquet if you are planning for a white wedding or exclusively a beach wedding as per the wedding traditions in India.

In addition to different varieties of flowers that one can find in every season of the year additional factors help to reflect the beauty of the season in the field, which are the color schemes and decorative elements that are chosen for the bouquet. Here are some ideas for wedding bouquets in every season…

The Autumn Bouquet

An autumnal bouquet is characterized by several elements.

  • The type of flowers: Typical autumn flowers are very particular and flaunt an extraordinary beauty.
  • Colors: Yes! With the passage of time and fashions, fall colors change little and not hard to know why … because Mother Nature imposes.
  • The symbols:  During the transition between summers and winters, there are clear elements only seen in this season. If you want a bouquet with marked autumnal flavor, include one or more elements within the same bouquet.

The Winter Bouquetflower2

A winter bouquet can be as romantic or dramatic as the extreme climate and thus evokes the magic of the season with only a pair of flowers. Winter is one of those seasons where contrary to what one would think, there is wide variety of flowers that bloom only specially and specifically in cold weather, such as cheery pansies, snapdragons, English daisies and tulips. These flowers match perfectly with the traditional images of winter flavor. If you marry in winter, choose a bouquet that you carry some of those winter elements that you love, using winter flowers decorating your bouquet details.

The Spring Bouquet

Among the extreme weathers, a glamorous and fun filled season exists, which is noted for its incredible beauty and life … yes, it is spring! If you marry in spring, you will have plenty of options for flowers, theme, and details. This season begins in mid-season, and you will certainly be confused with a number of beautiful flowers around. A spring wedding brings in a bouquet full of light, with beautiful spring  flowers such as Fawn lilies, Witch Hazel, Crocus, Camellia, Snowdrop, Chionodoxa, among others, spilling the vibrant energy of the spring. Spring is so rich in symbols, flowers, and items that the real challenge is not to find the spring flavor you want to include in your bouquet, but rather limit the number of elements to preserve the elegance and style.




The Summer Bouquet

For white weddings, summer is fun. A summer bouquet is also full of joy and fun. Choose vibrant colors that reflect the carefree fun of the season. The bouquet can include flowers like yellow daisies, dahlias, lavender-pink coneflowers, golden yellow coreopsis, to name a few.

Finally, dare to reflect the elements of summer have closest to your heart. If for you, the summer involves sun, sand and sea then why not include some cute shorebirds accents to your bridal bouquet? You will have a unique bouquet, full of personality, and reflects the summer in a very personal and beautiful way.

Each season has its own charm and appeal. Get inspired in the different seasons of the year to choose a bridal bouquet that expresses beauty, harmony, and charm of the season when you are planning to marry.


Author Bio: Rashmi Karan is a professional writer who writes about the relationships and matrimonial alliances.  She also details about different weddings cultures in India and covers a range of topics.


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