In a Long Distance Relationship? Here is What You Need to Know

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Whenever we hear about a long distance relationship, the first thought that strikes our mind is “It won’t work out in the long run.” Put the blame on our preconceived notions or the too-strong-opinions of the people around us or our own insecurities. We take no time before giving out our negative verdict on any and every long distance relationship. But, is it that bad? Aren’t there hundreds of couples today living in the two different halves of the globe, yet, committed to one another? Let us break the myth. Let us talk about everything that you must know about a long distance relationship, especially, if you are in one.

1. It’s Challenging

Let’s start with the challenges. Everything about a long distance relationship can be challenging and, at times, unnerving. Your insecurities will creep in making you feel unloved, alone and even depressed. But, as Bob Dylan has said, it won’t be challenging, if it is easy.

2. Your Laptop/Smartphone is Almost Your Partner

You will sleep next to it just like you could fall asleep in the arms of your beloved. Your laptop/phone will be the first thing you will reach for in the morning. If there’s an important update, it will be the first thing you will want to, of course, share with your partner. Either way, these techno gadgets won’t be just ‘gadgets’ anymore and will have a whole new meaning.

3. Time is The Devil Here

Counting days will be emotionally draining., and, when you are together, time will seem to fly away faster than ever.

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4. Expect Friends to be Little Skeptical

Because they are concerned about your happiness more than anything. All you have to do is to figure out ways to distinguish their worries from their judgements.

5. That ‘It’s here, but, it’s not” Feeling

And, trust us, you will feel this way quite often, if not almost all the time when you are alone. Add to that the comments made by your neighbours, distant relatives or even your worried family members. You have to be prepared to deal with these dilemmas and confusions before they get on your nerves.

6. More Time for Yourself

But, there are these awesome positive sides too which you will not find in any other relationships but in a long distance relationship. Being away from your partner will give you ample time to fulfill your dreams, learn something new and explore your life in your way. Would it be possible otherwise?-We think not!

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7. Another Home Across Miles

So, whenever you are bored or wish to see your beloved, it’s a holiday trip for you and that’s awesome!

8. You Will Learn to Cherish Memories

Whenever you two will be together, you will focus on making the most out of it without getting into fights. And when you will be alone, you will cherish those beautiful moments as you know how much valuable those are for you.

9. The Dates Will Be ‘Different’

Instead of going out, you two will consider being into each others’ arms a wiser and more romantic decision.

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10. You Have Made It Through Already

And, soon you will feel that sureness, that your relationship has overcome enough nerve-wrecking challenges to be called ‘time-tested’ now.

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