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Essentials of an Assamese Bride

Marriages are the most celebrated life-events all around the world. Although different regions of India have varied rituals for wedding, the same thought of prosperity and goodwill of the newly wedded couple reflects in every part of the country. The Assamese people also like to celebrate this occasion in a splendid manner.  Assamese bridal attire is as exotic as the beautiful land itself. As an Assamese bride, you’ll look simple and elegant, yet glow in colours such as cream, gold and silver. Unlike brides of other states, Assamese brides wear minimum makeup. Accessories are limited to classy traditional jewellery. The complete apparel has a graceful appeal and enhances the beauty of the bride. One of the distinctive and key characteristic of the wedding is the traditional ‘biya naam’ song.

Fine Drape
Every Assamese bride is adorned in an off-white silk attire embossed with gold designs. This Assamese bridal wear is known as the mekhla chadar. Traditionally the mekhla chadar is cream in colour and has silk thread work all over. Mekhla is a very interesting ensemble, which appears like a sari. Though originally a sari is a single piece of cloth, Mekhla comprises of two or three pieces of clothing. The fabric used to make a mekhla chadar is called muga silk.

Muga silk

Bridal Jewellery
The wedding jewellery is not very different from Hindu wedding jewellery. It is usually made in gold and the designs are influenced by the present trend. The only piece of traditional jewellery is the mangtikka, which has typical Assamese motifs on it.
As a bride, you’ll wear a gold necklace and kangans in both hands, which are broader and thicker than bangles. An Assamese bride does not wear a manglasutra as a symbol of matrimony but the sindoor plays a much stronger role.
Many Assamese brides wear a white coloured mukut (crown) on their head, similar to that worn by a Bengali bride and groom. Traditionally however, it is not a part of Assamese bridal wear. Only those influenced by Bengali culture wear the mukut.Dressed in the rich mekhla chadar, you are ready to step into a new role and begin a new life, but this only after your Assamese biha (wedding).

Assamese Wedding ceremony

Out of the many accessories used to adorn the Assamese bride, the jewellery is the most important. Gold jewellery is worn in contemporary or traditional designs. Jun Biri is one such traditional Assamese jewellery that is entirely made by hand. It is half-moon like in shape. This jewellery is inspired by nature, musical instruments and other Assamese household goods. The brides of Assam also wear bracelet, necklace, bangles, bridal rings and nose rings of various other designs and metals.


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