Indian Bridal Apparel: The Gorgeous Bengali Bride

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Wedding sari

Bengali weddings are famous for their rich and distinctive rituals and customs. They have become quite popular in the recent years owing to the attention paid them by Bollywood  movies. The sound of conch-shell blowing and the dhol beats sets the tone for celebrations. Bengali wedding rituals involve the celebration of two families making it an elaborate and colourful affair. Bengali women as you know are very charming and beautiful. They have a unique style of draping their saris which makes them look homely and traditionally awesome. Red is a favourite among Bengalis and they love to flaunt it on every special occasion. As such wedding is no different and the Bengali bride generally wears red, maroon or a pink coloured Banarasi sari on her wedding day. These saris are hand crafted skilfully with beautiful prints and designs.

banarasi sari

Jewellery is such an important accessory; it not only makes women look stunning but also makes them look unique. When you look at the beautiful jewellery of Bengali bride you have a feeling of pride. Your thought immediately goes to the Bengali craftsmanship which is an example of sheer brilliance. Gold and other precious stones are generously used in making the stunning and classic Bengali bridal jewellery.Traditional Bengali wedding jewellery consists of nath, chur, kaan bali, kaan, jhumka, ratan chur, bala tikli, paati haar etc.


Head jewellery
Jewellery adorning the head includes a Tiaraa (head jewellery) or Tikli. Tikli is a traditional Bengali forehead ornament worn by Bengali brides on the middle parting of her hair. Moving on to the forehead, Bengali bride puts a bindi. Small white and red dots are decorated on the forehead just above the eye-brows ends near the end of the brows or it may even extend a little.


Jhumko or Jhumka is a chandelier earring with flower motif designs in it and very much popular in Bengali gold wedding jewellery. Kaan Bala or Round chandelier earring is another most favourite gold wedding jewellery amongst Bengalis. Kaan Bala is a beautiful ear ornament.
Ratan chur is hand ornaments worn on wrist to finger these are called hath phool. Chur (Bangle) Chur is a broad bangle. Married women wear sankha, bangles made of conch shells followed by iron bangles, followed by a Kankan, which is a thick gold bangle of filigreed decorations with a pair of makara, or the mythical crocodile heads at the meeting points of the bangle’s circle.


A necklace of five to seven strands of precious stones and beads is called the panch lahiri (for five strands) and saptha Lahiri (for seven strands). A veil over her head and a mukut over it completes the look of a Bengali bride.

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