Indian Groom Series: Don’ts For A Bachelor Party

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We promised you a list of Dont’s to keep in mind while planning a bachelor party and here we go:


bridal shower

Don’t invite the girls. Especially not the exes. Some best men think it’s fun to let the bride walk in just when the groom is letting his hair down. It’s a terrible idea and unless the groom and you are that close, there’s a chance you won’t ever be forgiven. Besides, no bride wants to see her future life partner in any other avatar than the one in which she fell in love with!


nri wedding

Don’t leave out anybody who’s important to the groom. There is a chance that you may not really see eye to eye with a few pals of the groom. This is a time to keep aside any such differences and to remember that the bachelor party is about the groom and not about you.


beach wedding

Don’t crib about how expensive hosting the bachelor party was for you and for the other guys who have pitched in. It’ll only make the groom feel guilty and lead to strained relations. To avoid such a situation ever coming up, it’s best to stick to your pre-decided budget.


best man

Don’t have the bachelor party one night just before the wedding. The groom in all likelihood will be tense about the important ceremony the next day and that’s why it’s a good idea to have the bachelor party at least a week or two before the D-day. That way, you won’t have an angry bride blaming you for her husband’s late attendance at the wedding!


candid photography

Don’t upload any embarrassing videos on social media sites. What happens at a bachelor party is supposed to stay there within the four walls, but thanks to social media, quite often unflattering and rather personal pictures are put up for the whole world to see. Refrain from doing so yourself and it’s always a good idea to take the groom’s permission first.



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