Indian Groom Series- Fun Bachelor Party Return Favours

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Now that the boys have all said yes to making an appearance at the bachelor party you’ve been planning for weeks, it’s also important to think of a great bachelor party return favour for them. In truth, the sky is the limit, but here are 3 affordable ideas which we thought you might like:



fun tshirtsfunny tshirts

Funny t-shirts- They can be worn on a Sunday, at a lazy brunch or just about anywhere! Every time the boys wear one such t-shirt, you can bet they’ll also remember what a fun time they had at the bachelor party.


party glassbachelor party glass

bachelor party glasses3

‘Groomsmen’ Glasses– They can be used at the party, and the guests even get to take them home. No wonder, drinking glasses are a much loved bachelor party return favour.



bachelor party giftswhacky bachelor party gifts

best man glassbachelor party flask

Customized Gifts- You could give the gang even a customized fridge magnet with their name on it and we bet that they would still love their bachelor party return favour. Flasks, caps, wallets and even bags are a few exciting yet useful gifts to give.

Of course, if you’re willing to spend that little extra to show the guests just how much you appreciate them being there, a bottle of expensive wine or tickets to a match are great ideas too. Write in to us and tell us your ideas on good bachelor party return favours to give guests.





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