Indian Groom Series: Wedding Accessory Ideas For The Groom 2

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So now that your wedding suit and shoes have been picked, how about considering a few wedding accessories to wear, on your special day as well? A formal wedding suit can look rather solemn but with the right wedding accessory, you are guaranteed to look more than elegant by wearing one.


Neck tiesformal wedding wear

Neckwear: Grooms have plenty of stylish and fabric options to choose from. Silk scarves, bow-ties, and neck-ties are just three such options. Depending upon your personal taste, you can choose to either dress up or dress down your wedding suit. For instance, go with a black bow-tie for a classy look or wear a printed silk scarf if you’d prefer to add some colour instead.

flowerswedding flower

Bouttonieres- These floral decorations certainly make a very prominent wedding accessory. Usually worn in the buttonhole or neatly pinned on to the lapel of the wedding suit, grooms usually match the colour of the flowers used with the ones found in the bridal bouquet. Small flowers such as single roses or buds are commonly used.customised cuff links

Cuff Links: There’s something very eye-catching about cuff links and maybe it has to do with the fact that these little pieces can make big fashion statements. Grooms can pick this wedding accessory from both retail and jewellery outlets depending upon what kind of look they want. For instance, traditional cuff links with silver or gold settings, cuff links with real gemstones or ones with phrases inscribed on them are quite popular choices. You could also opt for customised cuff links for a truly unique look as well.

stylish cuff linkscuff links

Studs: Studs used in the place of buttons look quite grand and most often, you will find that a pair of cuff links is also included in the pack. We suggest going with studs that complement your outfit, instead of going with ones that are the exact colour of your wedding suit.

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