Indian Groom Series- Western Wedding Wear Part 2

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As promised, we’re back with two more ideas on how you can make your western wedding wear look really good on your special day:    western wedding wearindian groom

Pocket Square Suit: We’ve spotted this on celebrities and business magnates many times, but a pocket square suit can look just as dashing on an Indian groom. Wear your suit with a tie for a formal look and a contrast coloured pocket square or go with a casual yet smart look by ditching the tie. You can play around with colour tones for western wedding wear that’s a class apart or keep it simple by going for monochrome shades too. Confused about how to fold a pocket square yourself? Check these step by step instructions  out!


Western wedding wearIndian groom's attire

Three Piece Suit: Every woman dreams of being wooed by a dashing groom in a three piece suit because that’s just how captivating this look can be. A three piece suit consists of a formal shirt, a waistcoat, a full sleeved jacket and matching formal pants. Although, the waistcoat and the jacket will be of the same shade, you can opt for a contrasting formal shirt and a tie as well. We suggest going with a silk jacket if you plan on wearing one for any function held in the night.

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